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while in 9th grade...

new hottie

1) age: 15
2) sex: Female
3) location: Los Angeles, California
4) sexual preference: Strrraight

1) 3 favorite movies: A Walk to Remember, The Shining and White Chicks
2) 5 favorite bands and why: Linkin Park because their music often relates to how I truly feel, D12 because I like their funny yet 'anger' music, Modest Mouse because it's simple and relaxing music which I love, Rolling Stones because I think out of all rock bands they have the best rock music, and AFI because this is the only kind of rock music I can listen to that I like whenever I'm feeling sad
3) 2 favorite songs : Fat Joe ft. Ashanti in "What's Luv" and Amber in "This is Your Night"
4) 2 favorite books : Treacherous Love and Go Ask Alice which are both by Beatrice Sparks Ph.D

1)racism: I think everyone should be seen as equal because in each and every one of us, there's gotta be something special about us. As an American Asian, I don't like being it because I honestly feel like there's this huge barrier between Filipinos and other races. When I look at those who are white, I see them as the best out of all races because in reality, I know it's true. It sucks but it's true. Maybe that's why I've been striving to try to fit in with all my white friends.
2)abortion: I see it as wrong and degrading to us human beings. Maybe that's why there are a few other better options, such as adaption.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations): The wars going on right now currently I believe were unnecessary and it's all because of President Bush who I don't like as our president. Haven't you noticed things have been getting screwed up ever since he became our president? I believe the war going on right now will not solve anything. It's just getting us Americans in risk of our own lives. Next is how I'm hearing about all these things about voting. I think young ones should start getting involved in voting opportunities.
4)labels: It's wrong yet I know that everyone does it or has done it sometime in their life. Instead of using labels, that's why we have proper names to be called by, which can also known as proper labels. Who the heck brought up labels anyway? It's another degrading thing!
5)society: I feel that it's hard for me to blend in with society when it comes to just being around different kinds of people because once again, there is that whole American-Filipino thing which bothers me. Other than that, society is wonderful.
6)premarital sex: I see it as appropriate...to have sex after marriage because sex is like a serious thing, and you have to have full trust on your partner in which you're doing it with. Marrying someone shows that you have given your full trust to that one person. Premarital sex is like sexual exploitation to me. It's like treating your body as if it was trash.
7)religion: I'm kind of concerned about the whole religion thing now. I'm not sure if there really is a God or a Jesus now. Part of me says there is, but then part of me says there isn't. I've been a Catholic for a long time, and now I feel as if I'm starting to lose faith. Sometime I feel that everyone who thinks there is a God or a Jesus is insane.
8)mental illness: It scares me but it's alright with me. I mean, everything that happens in our world today can drive people so insane to the point in which it can strongly affect the mind. In a way a see it as kind of normal.

1)what made you want to join this community? I was browsing through other communities that related to this particular one, and this one just seemed like the most convincing. I want to try to show that I can be appreciative of who I am, and that just because I'm some asian girl, I suck ass.
2) who did you promote us to?: my livejournal // an abercrombie & fitch community

now add some pictures of yourself

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