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new hottie (oh and i only filled this out because your lovely owner kelley forgot to mention that because im a mod i dont fucking need one

1) age: Seventeen
2) sex: Cunt
3) location: Clinton, Mississippi
4) sexual preference: Teh Cock.

1) 5 favorite movies and why:
1)The Labyrinth, Its just one of those movies that makes you feel like a kid again. How you just got a new little brother and your not getting all the attention you think you deserve. Plus David Bowie in spandex what more could you ask for?!
2)The Crow, Its just a beautiful movie. The way he does everything he can to avenge the death of the one he loves. Its gorgeous. and so is Brandon Lee.
3)Cube and Cube 2: Hypercube, Its one of those freaky scifi movies that keeps you guessing. Its amazing everyone should see it.
4)Life as a House, fucking amazingly beautiful. Reminds me of my own life and situation. With my mother having cancer the way his father does. With me rebelling for attention when I was younger the way he did. It just really hits home.

2) 5 favorite bands and why:
1)Godsmack, I strongly believe I owe these men my life. If I hadn't of listened to them non-stop when I was in trouble and cut off from the world I would never had made it. Theres no way. Their lyrics just appeal to me. Not to mention that Sully is openly Wiccan. Which I found out two years after I became Wiccan. He has inspired me to not give a fuck about what people think as long as I am happy with who I am. My greatest journal name is my favorite song by them.
2)Stabbing Westward, Chris Hall has an amazing voice, and his lyrics are purely genious. Their self-titled album makes me want to cream myself when i listen to it. My live journal user name as well as my AIM name are a combonation of my two favorite songs by them.
3)HIM, There is nothing better than gothic love music. Valo is beautiful. Not to mention that hes Finnish, Finnish accents are dreamy. mmm <3
4)A Perfect Circle/Tool, Maynard is GOD. That man is a mother fucking genious. His lyrics are so amazing. You can't help but love them.
5)Diary of Dreams, They are German (Germans are mmm.) They are completely amazing. Their music is depressing yet some how very up lifting.

3) 5 favorite songs and why:
1)Godsmack - Timebomb, It describes me to a "T"
2)Stabbing Westward - I Remember, My fiance and I were going through some problems. ALOT of problems. And the lyrics just reminded me of what is going on.
3)Stabbing Westard - Perfect, see above for why.
4)The Cure - Boys don't Cry, its just an amazing song. I love Robert Smith hes amazing.
5)Type O Negative - Christian Woman, It's just a pretty song.

4) 2 favorite books and why:
1)The Embrace - Aphrodite Jones, Its a true story about a little boy who beat his best friends parents to death with a crowbar. But he always claimed to be a Vampire. Its just a great chilling story about how a little girl got involved with the wrong people and now her parents are dead and she has no one left who cares about her.
2)Dangerous Angels - Fransca Lia Block, Its amazing. Straight girl having babies and living with gay men. Its just a cute sad story. But its not just one book its a whole series.

1)racism: Theres not much to say about it. Its ignorant. I think its better to hate someone for who they are rather than what color they are.
2)abortion I have been in situations where I have seen parents bring children into this world and do hateful things to them such as feeding them cocaine and molesting them because they were not allowed to abort them. I think its terrible that everyone does not have the understanding of being good parents. I guess I would much rather see a child aborted than see it suffer. Having said that I also think that the abortion situation is getting out of hand. It is now being used as a form of birth control which is completely ignorant. Females underage the age of eighteen can go to a health department (without a parent) and get put on the pill FOR FREE, but instead they run out fuck some guy get pregnant and pay money to have it aborted. Sex is completely overrated anyway. Sex should be done only with the person that you love, and if a child happens to result in that decision then BOTH parents should take responsibility for their actions. Though that's not always going to happen. Then there is the act of abortion. Which I could go on about for hours. I don't see the need for sending a child to a foster home where more than likely it will be abused. People say that adoption is better than abortion. I do not see it that way. In abortion the fetus does NOT suffer. In adoption (in most cases NOT all of them) the child will suffer either mentally, emotionally, of physically. Out of all the people I know that have been adopted. All of them suffer from some type of abuse. So like I said I want what is right for the child not the parents. So if aborting the child is what is best then fine.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations): How about i tell you why i hate bush instead. That way i dont have to type this shit Bush is absolutely disgusting. I cannot believe a man like that is running our country. He has fucked us over so many times (or has tried to) . Why would he wanted to put limits on love in a country that is full of hate? Because its against the bible? How ignorant is that. Not to mention that there is supposed to be a separation between church and state, that alone proves there is not. And what about sending people to Iraq to die for oil? We are NOT over there to worry about those people we are there to protect our interest in oil. When all he had to do was drill up Alaska. Last but not least his fucked up views on Wicca. Him and Bob Barr spent months trying to have Wicca banned from the military because he believes it is NOT a religion. Though it meets all the criteria for being a religion. If you ask me he is a fuckass. Thats why if i am old enough to vote by the time elections roll around im voting for Kerry. I dont know but about what he stands for. But i saw him on MTV doing an interview and he seems liked he be alot better than Bush.
4)labels: Everyone uses it. That doesnt mean its right but why worry about the little things? I dont see how or why labels make that much of a difference to people. Just because someone who doesnt know you calls you a "prep" or whatever behind your back doesnt mean shit. The people your close to know the truth about you. and most importantly YOU know the truth about yourself.
5)society I'd say that society is caught to far up in money and our economy is so low right now that people need to stop concentrating so much on money because they are soon going to discover that their money is useless. And the fact that social groups are determined almost solely on pop culture and how the media can bend the minds of almost anyone to get them to believe what the media wants the people to is shitty. People should learn to be themselves and base who they are on what other people think of them. Society would be better if people could get their heads out of their asses and get a grip on reality.
6)premarital sexSex is something that should be done with the one you love. Not just with random people for 10 minutes of excitement. Just because your not married doesn't mean you cant have sex. If that is true then gays would never get any action. (unless they live in the right states of course.)
7)religion: Personally I'm Pagan. have been for 8 years and I plan to stay that way. I think religion gives people hope when they have nothing else to hold on to. It helps people explain the unexplainable. It picks up where science ends. If you can't figure something out. God did it. I don't exactly agree with it in the sense. But if that makes people happy then fine. Though I do not agree with pushing your views upon others. If you look at all of the religions from an outsiders perspective they are all pretty much the same. so who is to say that we aren't all worshiping the same god in a different form?
8)mental illness: Its a terrible thing that affects peoples lives every day. I dont like the fact that people with mental illness never get the chance to fully experence life the way (god i hate to say it this way) normal people get to.

1)what made you want to join this community? Kelley did. she said if i didnt she would cut my testicals off and feed them to my dog. :o)
2) who did you promote us to? (post a link here) LMAO GUESS WHAT. I DIDNT. HAR HAR HAR.

now add some pictures of yourself


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