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New Hottie

1) age
2) sex Femal
3) location Chesterfield Mi.
4) sexual preference Straight.

1) 3 favorite movies Edward Scissor Hands, Breakfast club, Thirteen, Lion King.
2) 5 favorite bands and why AC/DC : there just purely amazing. Msi : also very amazing and unlike any other band out there. The Distillers : Brody (( lead singer))  shes amazing and one of the coolest people alive there music calms me.
3) 2 favorite songs  Beat your heart out // distillers. Hate to be loved // River City Rebels.
4) 2 favorite books GingerBread.

1)racism Racism is ridiculous, i cant stand it. Although i personaly think its taken to far sometimes and too personal sometimes i think its horrible way to judge someone on there skin color ? ... wtf.
2)abortion abortion is now a very weak subject with me .. something happend today which changed my life forever and all i have to say to anyone reading this is i hope your never put in the position where you have to go through and abortion and you have to totally look at every situation and be aware of whats going on in others lives .. you cant hate someone for getting an abortion, some people have no other choice .. yet you cant be all for it , you do need to be responsible.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations) polotics suck. thats all i really have to say .. i dont even feel like talking about it .. thats how sick i am of polotics.
4)labels labels .. hmm one word gay .. seriously everyone needs to get to know people before they just judge them on the way they dress .. its pathetic .. this world is coming to nothing but a judging circle consisting of labels and polotics.
5)society society .. hmm society theres not much to it .. society is kinda like reality .. its there .. its real .. its gay. society is something we control ovbiously but its messed up in so many different ways.
6)premarital sex : i look at everyones situation in a different perspective. you have to know someone before being like wow how gay they had sex and there not married .. i use to be all for waiting until your married to have sex but sometimes things change and you seriously shouldnt hate someone for doing something such as having sex before marriage its rediculous.
7)religion : religion is a strong subject. although theres not too much to say about it .. i mean religion is religion and everyone has thre own beliefs and no matter what those beliefs are you must stick to you beliefs no matter what they consist of .
8)mental illness : umm .. im kinda speakless honestly. . all i have to say about mental illness is .. "im sorry?"

1)what made you want to join this community? its cute. <33
2) who did you promote us to? sw33t_like_that. her last entry.

now add some pictures of yourself


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