April 7th, 2006



1) age--- 23

2) sex--- chick

3) location--- USA

4) sexual preference--- I swing both ways baby ;)


1) 3 favorite movies--- Saw, Saw2, Star Wars

2) 5 favorite bands and why--- My Chemical Romance. Their sound is awesome and they are way cute

3) 2 favorite songs--- can't pick just one :P

4) 2 favorite books--- i'm all about shakespear :)


1)racism--- against

2)abortion--- Jay from jay and silent bob said it best in Dogma " a womans body is her own fucking business"

3)polotics (as in..the current political situations)--- DEF liberal

4)labels--- VERY against

5)society--- they put way too much pressure on people

6)premarital sex---- ;) sure

7)religion--- i'm athiest. but everyone can believe whatever they want to

8)mental illness--- i feel bad and i NEVER make fun


1)what made you want to join this community?--- boredom and it seems cute

2) who did you promote us to?--- i'll put the word out at my tavern :)

Hopefully that'll work :)- best pic i could find, i dont have a digi cam here at my place

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