August 15th, 2004

(no subject)

1) age: 18
2) sex: Male
3) location: Louisville Ky.
4) sexual preference: Females

1) 3 favorite movies: High Fidelity, Pulp Fiction, Romeo and Juliet
2) 5 favorite bands and why: ZAO is my favorite band because they are what initially got me into hardcore and all of those different styles. No Innocent Victim because they are just classic hardcore, Stretch Armstrong because they are very positive. Hmmmm... Goo Goo Dolls because they are very catchy and I have been listening to them for quite some time, and Blink 182 because whether you like to admit it, you know you like them, and pop-punk is awesome.
3) 2 favorite songs: Needle In The Hay by Elliot Smith, and Hey Sandy by Polaris. If you don't know the last song it is the theme song for "The Adventures of Pete and Pete"
4) 2 favorite books: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and I just went blank so I have no clue as to what my other favorite book is.

1)racism: I am very against racism. But I think that it is always something that will be around.
2)abortion: I am pro-life and I don't think that anyone could change my mind, but at the same time I am very open minded so go ahead and try. I like talking about such things.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations): I think that it is "cool" to hate George W. Bush right now. But, if John Kerry was president and 9/11 happened, he would have went to war also because he voted for the war believe it or not.
4)labels: labels are lame
5)society: society is rather messed up
6)premarital sex: yes but only if she is really drunk (JUST JOKING). I think that it is ok if you, and the other person both care for each other in the same way.
7)religion: Religion is man made.
8)mental illness: I don't know what to say... I didn't think that you could have an opinion of mental illness.

1)what made you want to join this community? to see what people think of me and how hot I am. haha
2) who did you promote us to? (post a link here