ilcouchewizpute (ilcouchewizpute) wrote in _hotties,

1) age 15
2) sex female
3) location almere,holland
4) sexual preference straight

1) 3 favorite movies moulin rouge lolita edward scissorhands
2) 5 favorite bands and why: nat king cole,hocico,evanescence,christina aguilera,the bb band:
sound is great&lyrics are also great.
3) 2 favorite songs Nature boy-Nat king cole Ladykiller-Hocico
4) 2 favorite books Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov. and I don't know other books as good as Lolita,sorry.

1)racism No! I hate racism,because everyone is the same...why should you hate someone because of something he didn't do.
2)abortion I am not against it.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations) don't care.
4)labels don't care.
5)society society judges too early.
6)premarital sex why not.
7)religion I don't have one,but I don't mind if others believe
8)mental illness this are also people. notice the word illness. they can't help it.

1)what made you want to join this community? Can't you tell? I wanna be hot!
2) who did you promote us to? (post a link here)

now add some pictures of yourself

this is me =]
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