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Rockin them Gucci sandals



1) age: 20
2) sex: female
3) location: California
4) sexual preference: straight husband!

1) 3 favorite movies: Mean Girls, Almost Famous, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
2) 5 favorite bands and why: Hanson (loved them since i was 14..great music!), Bon Jovi (since i was 7 have been a fan of them. They play awesome music, awesome shows, and they're awesome guys!), Linkin Park (of course great music, amazing lyrics, and when i'm mad they help out), Three Days Grace (again, when i'm mad their music helps me calm down), Jane's Addiction (hello? Dave Navarro, enough said )
3) 2 favorite songs: "Burn" by Usher and "Don't Stay" by LP 
4) 2 favorite books: "A Child Called It" and "The A-List"

1)racism: i am against it totally. I really don't get why people feel the need to hate against other races when God made everyone equally. We are no better then anyone else and people need to realize it.
2)abortion: Mixed feelings. I feel if a girl is raped and she doesn't want her child to go through emotional stress then it might be alright but at the same time, she could give the child up for adoption.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations): Oh lordy. Not too into politics. But i love Bush as a president. He is handling the war against Iraq good. And i'm sorry but i think its a good idea to keep the troops there, otherwise the Iraqis qould just end up coming here.
4)labels: Don't like em. We are all the same. But at the same time people need to be unique so they can be themselves. There is no need to label someone a Goth just because they wear black. And so on.
5)society: To me society is going to hell. Enough said.
6)premarital sex: I feel like if a person really feels like they are ready and won't regret it then it might be alright. But the person has to make sure they care enough about the person to do it.
7)religion: Isn't a big thing but at the same time is. At times i feel like people take it too far though. C'mon. Making shirts that say "Kabbalah is the way to go"
8)mental illness: there is no right to make fun of a person just because they have a mental illness. My older brother is slow and it hurts to see people make fun of him when it's not his fault God made him that way. Everyone should be treated equally.

1)what made you want to join this community?: It looked fun where i could meet new friends.
2) who did you promote us to? (post a link here): Haven't promoted yet but will do right after

now add some pictures of yourself
*mandatory*...................I'm LJ illiterate so i don't know how to post pics up of myself.


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