Fairy Tales Can Come True (ballerinablondi) wrote in _hotties,
Fairy Tales Can Come True

new member!

1) age-16
2) sex-gal
3) location-california
4) sexual preference-streight

1) 3 favorite movies-A walk to remember,Spider man 1 and 2. I like a whole variety of movies!
2) 5 favorite bands and why-Rascal flatts,Shania twain, Toby keith, basically i love all country music! I also love all other music too, except rap!
3) 2 favorite songs - It feels like home (I dont know who exactly sings it) and Amazed by lonestar
4) 2 favorite books - a walk to remember, the notebook.

1)racism- I HATE racism, I have strong feelings when it comes to that.
2)abortion- I Hate abortion also, I think it's murder, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
3)polotics- As far as the president, I'm glad George bush won.
4)labels- I think labels are way over rated
5)society-I also think the society is way over rated.
6)premarital sex- I've grown up knowing it was wrong...and i still think it's wrong, But if you know your in love, then i see nothing wrong with it.
7)religion- i'm a christian
8)mental illness.....hm...........I'm not sure...

1)what made you want to join this community? I just wanted to do it for fun to see what happends! =)
2) who did you promote us to? (www.livejournal.com/users/ballerinablondi)

now add some pictures of yourself
Note: These pictures are just ones of me goofing around....I dont really take many serious pictures b/c I love just having fun =)

My friends caught me off guard on this one lol

I was saying " me" in this picture

I think i was laughing in this one

I was singing in this picture

Oh, and by the way Yes, i am blonde.
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