El Aveno (missaven89) wrote in _hotties,
El Aveno

1) age- 15
2) sex- Female
3) location- St Augustine Fl.
4) sexual preference- Men J

1) 3 favorite movies- Girl, interrupted, Good Will Hunting, Bring it on (sorry that last one was a bit random but I love it)
2) 5 favorite bands and why- Yellowcard because there from J-ville (which is like 45 mins away from my house) and any band that can rock it with a violin kicks ass. Dashboard Confessional- I find there music to be rather inspirational because Chris Carrabas lyrics are so deep and meaningful. Reliant K- Im not a big fan of Christian bands but after I saw them in concert I fell in love with there music. Greenday- I cant get enough of their old stuff but im quite afraid to listen to there new album cause it might be a bunch of Liberal shit. Nirvana- What can I say Kurt Cobain was the shit!
3) 2 favorite songs- “Powder” By Yellowcard and “Figure you out” By Nickleback.
4) 2 favorite books- The DiVinci Code and Go Ask Alice

1)racism- I find racist people to be rather ignorant and the lowest people on this Earth are people that would discriminate because of skin color or your ethnic backrounds.
2)abortion- I do not believe abortion is right except under certain circumstances like getting raped or if you extremely mentally incapable or raising a child other than that you should at least put the child up for adoption if you don’t want it. Every child is born for a reason whether it be good or bad.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations) This may upset people cause it has before but I am a strong republican and Bush is doing exactly what a President should be doing. Yes, he was put in a difficult situation and yes he handled it well. He basically did what he had to do chicken shit Kerry wouldn’t have done anything.
4)labels- Eh You shouldn’t label someone till you get to know them…then you can label them
5)society- We have such a corrupted society that all im really gonna say on that.
6)premarital sex- My personal choice is not to have sex until im married but I belive when you really feel that you love that person and you want to “express” that then its ok to have sex.
7)religion- My opinion on religion hum.. Well its always positive to have God apart of your life but in which way or form is up to you.
8)mental illness- Mental illness’s can be very difficult to cope with. I grew up with a dad that was bipolar and always dealing with severe depression and it was hard on all of my family. What would the world do with out Lithium?

1)what made you want to join this community? Well I was looking through some communities and this one appealed the most to me.
2) who did you promote us to? (post a link here)http://www.livejournal.com/users/missaven89/

now add some pictures of yourself
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