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Im new, like woah

1.Name: Nikki
2.Location: Arizona
3.Status: single! :o)
4.Sexuality: straight
5:Label: uhm I guess I have the “preppy” style.  But I make it look like ME… not someone else that im not.
6.Age/birthday: I’m 15, march 26, 1989.
7.Give yourself a rating(1-10): I don’t want to rate myself, ill let you do the honors. ;o)

Your views on...
Abortion: I don’t agree with it.  It was YOUR mistake, not the babies.  If you are mature enough to have sex, you are mature enough to have a baby.  But of course if you get raped and you had no control over your pregnancy then yeah.  That’s the only time that it is okay, in my opinion.
Gay Marriage: I think love is something you can’t control.  And if you are in love, why cant you get married?  I think this isn’t fair at all.  So yeah, I agree with it.
Presidential Election: I don’t really follow politics and im not able to vote yet.. but my family is voting KERRY.. if that counts.
School Cafeteria Food:  Well our school has like taco bell and pizza hut and stuff so its good! :o)
God and Religion: I do believe in god and that everything happens for a reason.  I follow the Catholic religion, it gets hard to beleive sometimes but ya gotta beleive in SOMETHING, right?
Drugs/Alchol:  I don’t do them.  I think it is sad how teens are doing this stuff and totally throwing their lives away.  But its their choice but I chose not to do it.
Evolution: I have no idea… sorry.

1. favorite movie(2): A walk to remember, Ten Things I hate about you.
2. favorite artist/band(2): Dashboard Confessional, and Brand New
3. favorite food: Spaghetti
4. Most Embarassing Story: Uhmmmm hahah I don’t know just ONE cuz I always embarrass my self but I guess the most embarrassing was in like 1st grade I threw up on some kid.  Yeah haha it was gross and I felt bad for that poor boy.
5. Hobby: Dancing, Cheer, running, shopping, hanging out with friends.
6. Brag about yourself: Hmmm… I have pretty eyes and I like my hair!  And I have the best friends in the world!!
7. Something unique: uhmmm my birth mark is on my scalp under my hair! Haha that’s unique.. let me tell ya!
8. Which cartoon character represents you/why?: hmmm im not quite sure on this one.  I’ll get back to ya!
9. Do you think pink is the new black: I LOVE PINK but I wouldn’t say it’s the new “black” cuz pink is, well, PINK.. and black is black.. so im gonna go with no on this one.

Paris Hilton: I don’t exactly like her.  I don’t think she is that pretty at all and she is a very spoiled little girl but im gonna have to say she has a killer body! 
Ashlee Simpson:  I like her a lot!  Shes cute and she has a really good voice.
Lindsay lohan: I’m not liking her too much.  I LOVED freaky Friday and mean girls but now shes turned into a little slut and shes supposed to be a role model for little girls.  I just think she tries to hard.
Michael Phelps: He is my love!  Ah I love him!
Orlando Bloom: hes pretty hottt!  I love his voice.
Johnny Depp: I don’t think hes hot.  Hes a good actor but not hot.  Hes kinda old too!  Ha.
Arnold Swarzeneiger: Hmm hes buff!

What is your school life like?: I have lots of friends from many different groups and I think that’s cool.  And im in honors classes and I get all a’s and a couple b’s! 
Do you make fun of the uglies?: No, I hate when people put other people down to make themselves feel better.  Whenever someone does that I sick up for the person being made fun of.  I feel bad for them. And its not all about whats on the outside people COME ON! Idk I just hate when people put other people down.
How concetied are you (0-100%): I don’t think im conceited at all.  But some days I think I look cute but then others I really don’t so uhm 30 %?  Idk.
What would you wish for if granted 1 wish[no more wishing for more wishes]: I would wish that my dad could have lived long enough to see me and my younger brother graduate.. make his wish come true.
What book are you currently read/why?:  Im not currently reading anything but I just finished reading a child called it.  But im not a big reader I have a hard time focusing on a book.. they bore me.  But that book was really good!
Are you too cool for others: No, not at all.
Describe your best outfit: A cute frayed jean skirt with a pink sweater shirt from Hollister.

Where did you promote us[you know that is required] Please give a link to wear you did:
where did you find us: From some random persons journal!




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