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i'm new...like woah


1.Name: Sophia
4.Sexuality: Straight
5:Label: Beachy
6.Age/birthday:16, Feb. 7,1988
7.Give yourself a rating(1-10): 8 1/2

Your views on...
Abortion:it's a person, my cousin(she's like my sister) wouldn't be here if her mom hadn't changed her mind last min.
Gay Marriage:I have gay friends and their fun but i don't really pay attention to that
Presidential Election:Bush
School Cafeteria Food:it sucks ass
God and Religion:Does it matter
Drugs/Alchol:Reliefs but doesn't cure
Evolution:i don't care

1. favorite movie(2):kung-fu enter the fist and blue crush
2. favorite artist/band(2):dashboard confessional and shinedown
3. favorite food:mexican
4. Most Embarassing Story:my top came off at the beach
5. Hobby:modeling and tahitian dancing
6. Brag about yourself:i have one hot body and when i go to a party i steal all the attention
7. Something unique:i love hawaii more then most people
8. Which cartoon character represents you/why?:Stewie(family guy), Because he's evil and funny
9. Do you think pink is the new black:no

Paris Hilton:She's hot but a little sluty
Ashlee Simpson:i like her voice
Lindsay lohan:she's awesome
Michael Phelps:he's hott (oh ya)
Orlando Bloom:He's cute
Johnny Depp:Sexy beast
Arnold Swarzeneiger:a punked up dude

What is your school life like?:PARTY!PARTY!PARTY
Do you make fun of the uglies?:no i don't, i don't have to put people down to make myself look better
How concetied are you (0-100%):65%
What would you wish for if granted 1 wish[no more wishing for more wishes]:I wish...that i could rule the fashion world
What book are you currently read/why?:blah they make me tired and i fall asleep
Are you too cool for others:no
Describe your best outfit:my hawaiian outfit consisting of a mini skirt and halter

Where did you promote us[you know that is required] Please give a link to wear you did:http://www.livejournal.com/users/lovin_my_life/ and http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=devinheaven24 and http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hottieboomalani

where did you find us:I don't remember someone gave me the link but my comp was broken and after it was fixed i found the note

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