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I"m Woah


1.Name: Jaimie

2.Location: Atlanta</st1:place></st1:city>
3.Status: Involved
4.Sexuality: F
5:Label: hmmm if anything id be a preppy…is that possible? Id say

6.Age/birthday: 17, September 14th
7.Give yourself a rating(1-10): 8 if ya catch me on a good day lol

Your views on...
Abortion: I understand why some people do it, but im against it…from conception a baby is a living thing and ur killin it…
Gay Marriage: I wish Will would hurry up and marry Jack…they so want
Presidential Election: lets go democrats! Too bad it didn’t turn out that way…
School Cafeteria Food: hell no…
God and Religion: Christianity
Drugs/Alcohol: bring on the vodka! But leave the drugs at home…
Evolution: nope, I believe in creation…

1. favorite movie(2):
Queen of the Damned (ooo Lestat...) and Edward Scissorhands (Johnny! *drools*)
2. favorite artist/band(2): Linkin Park, Snow Patrol
3. favorite food: Cookie Dough!! Altho my bf swears its not a “it’s a snack,jaimie” yea yea yea
4. Most Embarrassing Story: *mumbles* I uh…fell down the stairs….at school….in front of everyone…

5. Hobby: reading
6. Brag about yourself: I LOVE MY EYES!!! There just brown but I don’t care! Lol…ohh and freckles…I’ve never met anyone who has freckles cuter than mine
7. Something unique: My fingers are double jointed
8. Which cartoon character represents you/why?: ummm..hmmm…spongebob! hes so goofy and that’s how I am usually
9. Do you think pink is the new black:hell no...nothing beats black

Paris Hilton: “that’s hot” lol I like her, I love that phrase
Ashlee Simpson: don’t really care for her
Lindsay Lohan- she should stick to acting since she cant sing worth a damn
Michael Phelps: that’s the swimmer right? Don’t really like him
Orlando Bloom: damn those sexy brits *fans self* lol
Johnny Depp:
Arnold Swarzeneiger: THE GOVERNATOR!!!! Lol arnolds cool

What is your school life like?: currently im failing 3 classes *winces* but I was sick all of january so its not my
Do you make fun of the uglies?:no…im more of the type to stick up for them….i hate when people make fun of them or any of the special kids in my school
How conceited are you (0-100%): um lets say 60% lol…im just confident
What would you wish for if granted 1 wish[no more wishing for more wishes]: To have a happy and successful (not just financially) life
What book are you currently read/why?: Im rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the 11th time…I got bored last
Are you too cool for others: who is? lol
Describe your best outfit: black tank under a black and green long sleeved net top and cargo fatigues and stilettos…its cute I

Where did you promote us[you know that is required] Please give a link to wear you did:
where did you find us: I typed to oc as an interest and it popped up.


I’ve only got 2 pics (is that ok?) and I posted them as one…its picture in




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    im gone. ★ byeee

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