Nicole (loxy0714) wrote in _hotterthanyou_,




Name: Nicole


Gender: girl.

City, State [optional]: Knoxville,TN (where Johnny Knoxville is from!)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Were you reffered? [by who?]: No,I stumbled across the link to this site in some other community.


Likes [list at least 5]: Music,concerts,art,writing,dressing up

Dislike [list at least 5]: Body odor,drugs and/or addicts,Nickelback *shudder*,liars,cheaters

What makes you unique?: Before I got engaged, I modeled for SuicideGirls and . I also have a pretty high tolerance for people unless they're just completely idiotic.Patience is rare these days.

Who is your best friend and why do you like him/her?: My best friend is Sara S. She is a Mod at a graphics community here at LiveJournal,and there are so many reasons why she's special. She stays up all night if she has to when I'm an emotional wreck,and we are able to laugh at each other for stupid things we find ourselves doing.

Describe yourself in one word then explain why you chose it: Spontaneous. I absolutely cannot stand to just sit around in my house all day. I have to get up and get going! If I am bored,I'm likely to grab my keys and go to any random place that seems entertaining to me at the time.


How did you hear about _hotterthanyou_?: In another community. My mind gets lost faster than a Big Mac's attendance at a Vegan convention, but I think it was the other hotterthanyou site.

Why do you think you should be accepted into the community?: Because I love it,I'd love to take part in it,and it would serve as an awesome welcome into LiveJournal (I just got one last night!). I will be active,participate in all the activities,and I modeled for 2 websites I'm obviously not in bad shape!


Show us your pretty face! [3 minimum, 10 maximum]

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