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Name: Beth

Age: 15

Gender: Female

City, State [optional]: Birmingham, Alabama

Sexual Orientation: I like the guys :)

Were you reffered? [by who?]: Shelly (shelzlovesit)


Likes [list at least 5]: Atrox, Cell Phones, Computers, Tacos, Church

Dislike [list at least 5]: Abercrombie, red pens, Pepsi,spiders, clowns

What makes you unique?: I have red hair :). Theres a total of 10 of us in my high school, which is pretty cool.

Who is your best friend and why do you like him/her?: My best friend is a guy named Blake. When everything was going wrong in my life, and I was screwing up really bad, he was the only one who stayed with me. Hes the only person I tell everything to. Hes just one of those people, who will tell you the truth straight up, he doesnt sugar coat anything.

Describe yourself in one word then explain why you chose it: Tease. I tease guys a lot. I dont want to get too close. I tease my friends, I tease everyone...


How did you hear about _hotterthanyou_?: Shelzlovesit

Why do you think you should be accepted into the community?: I think im hott. And I have a great personality. And no offense but this community looks pretty dead and I would like to help it get runnin again.


Show us your pretty face! [3 minimum, 10 maximum]

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