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Are you Hott As Fuck?

☆The #1 rating community on LJ☆
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

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★ We are a community that is based on looks mostly, as well as personality!
We can be very judgemental.. so if you can't handle that, you need not apply.
You must be at least 15 to apply. If you get accepted into the community you
will be among GREAT life-long friends. What makes a person hott as fuck material? Not just looks but what's on the inside as well. ★

★ Want to see who is Hott as Fuck here on LJ? ★
★ Click below to go tothe members page! ★


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★- Submit your application within 24 hours of joining the community.
★- Do not cause drama or argue with any members.
★- No nude pictures. If you post any, you will be banned.
★- Maintainer votes count as 5, Co-Maintainer/Head Mod votes count as 4,
Graphics Mod votes count as 2, Mod votes count as 2, Member votes count as 1.
★- If you are rejected you may re-apply with different pics in one week.
★- Absolutely no spam promoting - You will be banned.

★- Absolutely do not spam.
★- Make sure to put a yes or no IN THE SUBJECT LINE when voting or
it will not be counted
★- Be helpful & put at least 3 reasons behind your vote.
This is a rating community, not just a voting community.
★- There is a spot for TOP MEMBER. This is the member who participates
in the community most and is based on points. This changes every week.
Sometimes a prize is awarded to the member with the highest participation.
★- If you are going to be gone for any amount of time and know this,
please let a make a post so we can put you on HIATUS and add you to
the hiatus list. This way you will be kept from being challenged or
kicked out of the community. You can only be on that list for exactly
TWO WEEKS. After the two week mark you either need to come off
Hiatus or use 500pts. to go "Invisible."
★- Absolutely no changing your vote or it will not count and could result
in banning.
★- If you leave the community on your own, you must re-apply to get back
in, you cannot challenge to come back.
★- Be respectful to Maintainers, Mods, and fellow members.

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Copy and Paste this Application into your Applying Entry
We've made it easy & added the HTML in for you. Just make sure Rich-Text is off.
You WILL be judged on your application answers too, not only your Pictures!

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MAINTAINER/In charge of entire site/banning members/polls
Email Address: Violetjen1121@aol.com
AIM: Violetjen1121

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In charge of points

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
In charge weekly themes

★ We respect any suggestions by members. So if you feel something
should be changed/or added into the community, make a post saying what
motion you are going for. If the majority of the members agree, then it
will be changed or added. ★

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You will recieve 25pts PLUS the points the losing member had if you win. You may
challenge a MOD or Maintainer. If you win against a MOD or Maintainer you will
receive their points plus an additional 200pts.

Just make a post with FOUR of your pictures and let us know who you are challenging.
That person will then have 24 hours to put up their pictures in that challenge post as a comment.

If they do not do so within 24 hrs. the person challenging will automatically win,
otherwise the challenge will be posted for a full 24hrs after the person being
challenged put up their pics before a winner is announced.

You can also challenge someone if you are rejected and still wish to get into the
community. Just check out the list of members and choose who you want to challenge.

In challenges, the loser does not get kicked out of the community. The only way for
a member to get removed is by losing to a "KISS-OFF CHALLENGE" (below)

If you challenge a member who is on hiatus because you did not check the member list
OR if you challenge someone and post it and decide to back out and delete your challenge,
you will not be able to challenge anyone for 30 days, however you can still be challenged.
This rule is subject to challenge mod's approval)

We have a new thing called "Kiss-Off", where you can challenge someone and they can get
kicked out of the community. THE only way you can do a Kiss-Off is either:

★ - You can kiss-off any member with less than 20pts
★ - You can kiss-off any member with higher than 20pts using 200pts.
★ - You must state that it's a kiss-off challenge in the subject line.


★ - Winning a kiss-off will not only get you the ex members points, but also 100pts.
★ - To save a member from a kiss-off challenge you must use 500pts. and state in the subject line you are using 500 pts to save (member here). And in the main area state your reason for saving that member.
★ - You use 200pts, you can then Kiss-Off challenge ANYONE. (excluding mods/maintainers/hiatus members)

The Kiss-Off is going to be good for members to "kick" out members who are inactive
and don't participate or who they feel shouldn't be here and also a way for you to use your points.

The winner of the Kiss-Off Match, will get 100pts + the leaving members points. The loser
of the Kiss-Off Match CANNOT challenge to get back into the community. The only way they
can get back in is to re-apply, and the person they lost to, gets to vote and their vote
will be counted as 3. So that person would need to put 3 in the subject line.

Make sure you make it clear in the subject line whether or not you are doing a challenge
or a Kiss-Off Match challenge.</small>

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Spring Ahead: Winner= _fragilexheart_ ((Ashley))
Mode Of Transportation: Winner= tenderly ((Theresa))
St. Patty's Day: Winner= atypicalteen ((Meredith))
Humor Tees: Winner= ______pink ((Ashley)) + jenb0 ((Jenn))
Hair Products: Winner= thesewings ((Sarah))

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Maintainer - 5pts
Head MOD - 4pts
Graphics MOD - 3pts
Mods - 2pts
Theme Thursday Winner - ADD 3pts to what your regular vote is
Hotty of the Month winner - ADD 2pts to what your regular vote is
Top Hotty - ADD 1 pt to what your regular vote is
Hottest couple Winner - ADD 1pt to what your regular vote is
Theme Winner - ADD 1pt to what your regular vote is
Members - 1pt

★ Feel free to link us by placing one of these graphics in your user info or
journal. These also work great to help promote the community! Just copy
the code in the box and paste it just as it is. ★</b>