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Name: claire

Age: 13... ya i no but u keeept on telling me to join so i am.


Favorite bands: my chemical romance, green day, the killlers, && jimmy eat world && switchfoot

Favorite foods: sushi & pasta

Are you hott: um? u tell me.

Hobbies: dancing & snowboarding & chilling

Favortie Store: abercomrbie & juicy

Why do u wanna join? seeems like a cool cummunity.

Who did u promote us to? (u must promote us to someone): um how can i pomtote ur banners wen u dont have the link thing under it?

Whats special about you: hm... i really dont no about this one...

Describe urself in 5 words: active, outgoing, creative, huggable, lovable

Whats ur favorite feature: my hair && eyes

Post at leaast 4 clear pics of you: