beca (10v3__) wrote in _hott_enough_,


Name: Beca

Age: 13. If it is too young that's all right.

Location: California  (Calabasas)

Favorite bands: The Killers, GreenDay, and Head Automatica

Favorite foods: Sushi and Pasta

Are you hott:
Yea, I think I a
m pretty but i don't know about hot, but you can decide

Hobbies: Softball, Commons, talking on the phone

Favortie Store: Hollister

Why do u wanna join? Because Michelle told me to apply :)

Who did u promote us to? (u must promote us to someone): mis__underst00d

Whats special about you:

Describe urself in 5 words: Inteligent, sweet, dedicated, beautiful, and loving

Whats ur favorite feature: My eyes. I love them because they are light blue and I get complimented on them a lot.

Post at leaast 4 clear pics of you:

thank you!
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