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Get Hot Sex Layouts


Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

Maintainer: wearethenorm

I am the only one making layouts, so be patient, I am only one person, and yes I do have a life outside of Livejournal (believe it or not). I am still in school and don't have as much time as I would like to spend on pleasing you. :)

This community DOES:

-supply free layouts for members.
-allow you to customize them anyway you want as long as you keep me/wearethenorm credited for the original using one of the banners below. (will make more as soon as I can)
-take suggestions, but layouts are mainly my ideas, I don't like to be forced on a topic, when I see it and like it, I'll make it.

This community DOES NOT:

-take requests.
-tolerate stealing, if I catch you stealing, I will ban you.

Other Rules:

-join the community with the journal you will be using the layout.
-do not share my layouts with your friends, tell them about the community and if they want a layout, get them to join!
-do not criticize my work or give me suggestions, if you don't like it, either find another one or try and figure out how to fix it on your own.

Helpful sites for learning HTML:

LJ Howto
DJ Howto
Color Codes


Use these banners to credit the layout in your userinfo. It's simple, click edit userinfo and copy and paste the codes in the box below and click "save changes" and you're done! woo!

~_hotsexlayouts OTHERS SOON!

angelina jolie, animation shop 3, aragorn, arwen, barbershop, beck, benny and joon, billy boyd, black hair, blue eyes, brandon flowers, bridget jones diary, brown eyes, brown hair, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cameron diaz, captain jack sparrow, chandler, chapstick, charlie pace, charmed, chocolat, chrissy, cindy, computers, corel photoshop, corey feldman, css, david keuning, david wenham, dead man, dominic monaghan, drew barrymore, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, ethan embry, family guy, farimir, finding neverland, follow me boys, forever young, frank sinatra, freddie highmore, friends, frodo baggins, gilbert grape, good times, green eyes, grumpier old men, grumpy old men, gwen stefani, harry potter, heathers, html, image ready, irish culture, irish guys, j.m. barry, jack, jack johnson, janet, jet, joey, johnny depp, jude law, julia roberts, keane, kelly clarkson, kung fuing hamsters, led zeppelin, legolas, license to drive, liv tyler, lost, lotr, lucy liu, mark stoermer, maverick, meriadoc brandybuck, metallica, minority report, monica, music, nat, natasha bedingfield, no doubt, north, orlando bloom, paint, paint shop pro 8, perigrin took, phoebe, photography, photoshop cs, photoshop cs2, rachel, radio flyer, red hair, ronnie vannucci, ross, roux, ryan cabrera, sam, samwise gamgee, saturation, sean astin, span, spike, stand by me, strawberries, taxi, the 00's, the 50's, the 60's, the 70's, the 70's house, the 80's, the 90's, the army, the beatles, the brady bunch, the bumblebee flies anyway, the good son, the goonies, the killers, the man who cried, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, threes company, viggo mortenson, whats eating gilbert grape, white teeth, willy wonka