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Name: hannah





Hobbies:singing going to church, photography

Interests:what i listed as hobbies

Three (plus) pictures:
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Any additional information you wish you share:im sorry i dont know how to use lj cuts!
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Name: Drea Brennan



Location:New Hampshire


Hobbies:i like hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, having a good time, partying and playing soccer.and listining to Music

Interests:Sports, Girls, Boys, movies, meeting new people, traveling, music *The Used*

Three (plus) pictures:

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Name: tim


Age: 15


Sex: male


Location: cape coral florida


Sexuality: straight -- dicks are for chicks


Hobbies: basketball... football... beach... doing anything possible to forget how unbeleavably boring this city is


Interests: basketball baseball football bowling ps2 music!! country n rap :) ae girls (duh :)) movies


Three (plus) pictures: gone like a freight trainCollapse )

my heart beats conceit <3.

Name: kristina lynn allen.

Age: thirteen.

Sex: female.

Location: prince edwrad island, canada.

Sexuality: straight. boys are pretty <3.

Hobbies: snowboarding, ljing, msning, listening to music, mullet hunting, doing cartwheels, shopping.

Interests: mullets, mullet hunting, cartwheels, rain, snowboarding, music, the used, my chemical romance, blink 182, beaches, soft hair, australian accents, blue pixie sticks, photocopiers, dashboard confessional, singing, dancing, friends, taking back sunday, radiohead, something corporate, afi, hedley, degrassi tng, i could go on forever.

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Any additional information you wish you share: i like piggy back rides and riding elevators.

xoxoxoxoxoxox, <333 kristina.

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Name: Amanda  Payne

Age: Thirteen

Sex: Female

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Sexuality: Both. But, dateing a guy right now.

Hobbies: Paintball, haha. I love it <3

Interests: Writing, reading, music, going to the mall, Jace <33, my friends, anything....interesting.

Three (plus) pictures: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y54/worrdd/AmandaPayne.jpg

Any additional information you wish you share: I just wanted to see what other people think of me, Jace says i'm hot...but. What do others think? And, i don't really care, honestly. but what the hell. I'm giving it a try, obviously. By the way, great community.

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Name: katie ballerini

Age: 14 , almost 15

Sex: female

Location: michigan

Sexuality: i love guys :)

Hobbies: basketball, shopping, boy-seaching, and fun in the water

Interests: guys, love, and guys :P

Three (plus) pictures:

the pics are a lil big and i couldnt size them sry...

Any additional information you wish you share: this community is awesome :D
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**my heart beats conceit*

Name: kai renee


Sex:anytime<3 i have a vagina

Location:phoenix az/tucson

Sexuality:i love my gurls...but i sometimes kiss boys.

Hobbies:acting, dancing, art,skateboarding,girls.


Three (plus) pictures:


Any additional information you wish you share:feel free to add me. i hope im accepted.. if not.. this community still rawks

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Name: allison
Age: 16
sex: female
Location: Baton ROuge L.A
Sexuality: straight
Hobbies: im a year round swimmer, i love training and i LOVE going to the beach and laying out
Interest: health, and im a fashion whore
Sorry but my comp is being mean to me and wont let me post pics or Lj cut go to
This is a really cool comunity...mmhhmm
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