Wedding Bells and Fringlish Revisisted!

CUT! No! No! No! No! No! No! *hands waving franticly*

Darling Tami, thank you so much fotr sorting out the pics.... but I semi sorted the problem in France and have decided that we cannot have a lopsided _HOt LOve... is that too perfectionist?! I tried to be as clever as you, yesterday to slot it in perfectly with picture (and more... yes I have more) but *points at self* Not clever enough!

So I have to add the  pics after you said you'd sorted it... not very confusing at all....


Rrrrrrrrrrrrrright! Here are pictures that were taken at the Le Mentec Wedding that took place on the 8th of October, to which I was invited to, to be the woman by the side of the Best Man. *nods*

So! I returned from my wonderful, beautiful, enchanting, incroyable, parfait, petit weekend avec mon copain en Bretagne pour la marriage de son frere, but with a camera full of arty pictures, that annoyed my mum, as I wasn't depicted on any of em... err.., that would be cuz I'm the photographer! Duuuuuuuuuuuurhhhhhh! But la famillle Le Mentec are quite clever and had people taking lots of pictures (father, son... officially hired guy that thought I was wearing sunglasses for some pigheaded reason (they change in the sunlight people!!!)


Moi et les parentals. Left: Papoun Le Mentec et Mamoun Le Mentec.... also known as Dominique and Sylvanna.

Sorry they're blurred. Dunt you just lurve Remy's hat?! Anywho... the boy, the bride, the groom, the Ott!

 Les Maris.

And a funky one that I took!

HUge! Mehehehe! I'm a proud person!

 The one I like to call: No Papparazi please!

And last but definatly not least.... us in our swopped hats!

We looked do funkypants and accidently matched in 30's style!

Whatcha think!? x


Just a quick message, for all my H.Ot L.O.vers

Fixed Lenna's pictures and, whilst a little large, they are lovely. I thoroughly approve of everything my love, you looked absolutely gorgeous, and tres chic together.

For anyone that's going through a break-up right now, please listen to Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead. I shall post the lyrics so you don't think I'm a psychopath, it's been keeping me sane for the past week or so...

God that was strange, to see you again,
Introduced by a friend of a friend,
I smiled and said: 'Yes I think we've met before'
In that instant it started to pour
Captured a taxi, despite all the rain,
We drove in silence across Pont Champlain
And all that time you thought I was sad
I was trying to remember your name

This scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin
You tried to reach deep but you couldn't get in
And now you're outside me you see all the beauty
Repent all your sin

It's nothing but time and a face that you'll lose
I chose to feel it and you couldn't choose
I'll write you a postcard, I'll send you the news
From the house down the road, from real love

Live through this and you won't look back (x3)

There's one thing I have to say so I'll be brave
You were what I wanted, I gave what I gave
I'm not sorry I met you
I'm not sorry it's over
I'm not sorry there's nothing to save (x2)

No Pics!?!

....Two.... One... One Two.... Two, One Two Three.... One....

Everybody who is freakin about lacl of the pictures.... dunt freak! They shall be with u soon. There was a bit of traffic and thus have been delayed. If we could all sit patiently, they'll be with us soon! Thank you! x
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Lilly of the Valley.

After reading this poem in Tears for Water by Alicia Keys, I thought it important for all strong, sexy, liberated women to have the chance to read it. Out of the hundreds of beautiful poems and lyrics in the book, I picked this for HOt because I know how important this will be for all my chicas - espescially my Lenna Benna! Take in the words and the genius of the beautiful, talented Alicia Keys.

Lilly of the Valley
Lilly of the Valley
Pale as the moon
Something in your eyes
Is tortured
Something is wrong
And it's hurting me.

So soft and beautiful
So pure yet painted
By the evils of the world.

Please don't let them
Crush your petals
And throw you to the wind

Lilly, please love yourself
From the roots deep within.

Lilly of the Valley
Don't dance for the evil one
Who cares nothing
For how precious you are
Or how tenderly you need to be picked.

You are special
You are beautiful
And only should be treated gently
Like the breeze that blows
Like the spring sun.

Please don't let them
Crush your petals
And throw them to the wind
Leaving the residue of worthlessness on your lips
Forever lost
From what once was within.

Lilly is a stripper. I am asking her not to let the world make her hate herself. I don't remember exactly when this came to me, but all my life I've seen women who've had to sell themselves in one way or another to make it. I've seen only the unexpressible pain in their eyes that causes - leaving the residue of worthlessness on their tongues.

Alicia Keys,
Tears for Water


Uni Hopping: The discovery of L

Hello all!

A HUGE thank you to my husband who did the noble thing and went in to accept the slings and hooks of our fans as they complained about our lack of updates... HAHAHA! Well, to those who do read this page, and apology from both of us, we were far too busy running around the country looking at Unis and phoning up Frenchmen and loving surprise South African gifts! Sorry! *giggles*

Anyway, I am here today on very important business. Whilst touring around, Lenna and I did find time to watch the occasional bit of television... And in doing so stumbled upon a gem. Ladies and gentleman, The L Word.

Image hosted by

The characters of The L Word, from top clockwise - Mark, Kit, Carmen, Alice, Dana, Jenny (in the corner), Shane, and Helena. The two women in the center, the blonde is called Tina, and the dark curly haired woman is Bette.

This is the first fashionable TV show to show lesbians as powerful, passionate women and avoid stereotypes of butch women that drink beer and basically look like truckers. First of all, look at all of these women. They are all gorgeous. And this TV show captures the beauty of the love of two women, but also frequently pokes fun at the increasing fashionability of lesbians. In one episode (Season 2, Episode 1 I believe) a character is asked: "Do you think dykes are the new fags?" I think that's what makes this show so successful. It's raw and candid where it needs to be, but also it's very artisticly presented, and it has in every shot the kind of cinematography that interests a woman - vivid colours, intricate sets, stunning fashion, symbolism flying all over the place... It's simply genius. A new Sex and the City, just with more girl-girl sex scenes. And is that a problem?

Image hosted by

The women are displayed provocatively, beautifully, and each woman shows her own fragility and power throughout the course of the show. 1 - Tina (Laurel Holloman), 2 - Alice (Leisha Hailey), 3 - Bette (Jennifer Beals), 4 - Dana (Erin Daniels), 5 - Shane (Katherine Moennig), 6 - Kit (Pam Grier)

Now onto our personal favourites... Lenna felt very passionately about the show and decided soon after that one of the characters was going to have to have sex with her, or Lenna would have to find a way to 'become' this person... She's got some serious attitude, she's cool, she's sexy, she's smart, and her fashion sense is always stunning. Lenna's favourite lesbian - Shane. *crowd cheers*
Image hosted by

Of course, Lenna does not understand the Shane sex completely, as she's never seen Shane with glasses, which is where I personally think she looks her sexiest. So, for Lenna's general education and so that those of you out there not convinced will understand just how gorgeous all of these women are... For the second time... Shane...
Image hosted by Image hosted by

And now my personal fave... I love this girl because she is just so stunningly beautiful, and deeply disturbed... She wants to be a writer but keeps getting rejected, and to find her inspiration she goes into her own little parallel universe where characters start coming to her mind. Her fashion is gorgeous, her acting is flawless, and her denial that she was a lesbian and her trying to be straight as her parents wanted makes her a really human character... Jenny *crowd cheers again*
Image hosted by

Come on now... How gorgeous is that woman? Are those women, in fact? For everyone who's a bit... 'Oh no, I can't watch that, I'm not a lesbian...' Get over yourself. I'm straight as a ruler, but this show still entertains me, and quite frankly is very hot. Also, the acting is amazing and the cinematography... Wow. Never before has such a taboo subject been so beautifully and candidly presented. Don't knock this show until you've tried it... Really. I guarantee at least a tiny part of you will be impressed.


Uni Hop-ping!

As I've afore mentioned, I've just retirned from a Uni Hpping trip.... the defintion being our trip that we planned at Christmas, so that we could decide which Universities we wanted to go to. I havn't much time... so I shall just make this post a picture slide show... with captions!


Our good friend the Reindeer. he lived in the staircase of the, as we called it, haunted cottgae outside Cambridge. I walked up the stairs first, and then nearly died of a heart attack... as people followed I said "Dunt panic but there's  Reindeer behind you" Of course they dint understand until they turned round. But we were all in hysterics. If you were as tall as Drew or Ricky you would have bumped into it. So really not the best place to place an animals head! Tami's oldest friend, Katie (a jolly lass!) *giggles* crowned the dear/ deer *pun intended* with the lovely shower cap! Good times!


The Rickster standing in the door way of Whitmore Way, Basildonia..... and the coupledom on the train on the way to the West End. Phantom Sex, here we come.

Us in the ultra trendy cafe, atthe beginning of the long and wearisome day. We thought that the red leather sofa's would bring good karma. We all lok a bit tired as we've been camping. But loadsa fun!

 Hahahaha! Looking arty-farty!

                                                  ~PHANTOM SEX!~


The wife et moi looking fabulous pre-phantom in our corsets. Hurrah hurrah!


Post-phantom sex! asc you can see I'm not quite with it... too many emotions have just bombarded me. Such bliss and genius! Is it me... or do I look tall in thsi pic? Tami, Ricky and I all have little phantom mask pins. *pride* Gosh! People wouldnt think we even loked at Unis. Hhahahahaha! Thsi was my nirthday present from the Mothership! Btw... Tami's bday prezzie was having ricky over! Bless the lovers!

This is the graduation party we attended at UEA. The mothership's best friend got her masters (I believe) and everybody is merry. We stayed at their house in Norwich. For Rémy's reference (well and anyone else) Katie is the girl clad in white to the left of  Debbi (who's graduating!)


Well... my next post shall be of the last day of the uni-trip... that I actually spent with Steffi! Sorry bout the lack of fashion! x

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I got a comment from my friend Helen (Rich's girlfriend) (hurrah for Helen, my prodigy!) asking for more posts as there have definatly been a lack!

That is mainly due to not having any internet and then travelling about looking at Uni's with my wife. But now that I'm feeling naughty and that's all done. SCHOOL'S OUT! I thought I should update.

First of all... I now have a fab french lover by the name of Rémy and one of my personal projects is getting a fab outfit for his brother's wedding in October. So any ideas? Send em in and i shall evaluate. I need to look funky fresh dressed to impress and ready to party (thanks missy!). So just to make everybody puke due to the stench of cheese... some piccy's. And I only do mild doses of Cheese so everybody.... YOU CAN SWIVVLE ON IT!

 I lookm like a spazz but that'ss my aim in life.. so *shrugs*

More to posts to come!

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Wayfarin' Stranger

It has happened! I have turned EIGHTEEN! 10 plus 8... eighteen! And for waiting patiently my good ol' Nan bought me my first CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! (finding nemo anyone?!) (no really I am 18!)

This is a huge show-off sesh full of pics! *claps it* I HAVE A CAR!

 Vital  Stats!

Name: The Wayfarin's Stranger (think Jack White, First Track on the Cold Mountain OST)

Colour: Metallic Grey..... looks bluey in sunlight! *yum*

Make: Rover Metro

Engine: 1.1 litre engine.... runs on Petrol not Steam

5 Door Hatchback... so it's clever and doesnt require squishing and squashing..... *giggles* *nudge nudge* Say no more! Say no more!


I shall be driving past your house... on the way to Stonehenge for a naked Summer Solstice! Wohooo!

 Baby's first Car wash! Platinum at Tesco's.... only the best for my boy!


Meeee! Drivibng round the field.... being all spazztastickly happy! I've even tuned in my radio! *nods with pride*

Right that's enough for now..... must go back to stroke my baby the Wayfarin' Stranger!


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Prom '05: Take One

Okay, so as promised countless times by myself, here are the pictures of me in my prom dress for Ricky's (otherwise known as The Boy) graduation! It was such a good night, and made me miss my own prom and my girls endlessly... Anyway, here are the pictures we took of Tami on her tod, before Ricky came to meet me:
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Make up and hair compliments of my fabulous mum, the dress was from Debenhams 'Debut' and the shoes were from Milano - I wore them to my prom as well, and I call them my Cinderella shoes because they just sparkle. Anyway, on to the 'Awwww' pictures with my lovely boy:
Image hosted by Image hosted by

We had a lovely lovely night, and he bought me 5 roses (haven't shown the picture here because for some reason it looks retarded when I make it smaller), because we've been dating for 5 months now... *Sigh* Will post more about that soon - I have to go get ready for school! Loves to all!


Murder Mystery Parties!

How exciting! Nearly 18... one and a half hours left till I'm officially an adult!

Anyway, back to the crucial Topic! My good friend Dawn decided to host a Murder Mystery Party. Now when I explained what it wsa to my nan, she made a face until I said "I'm a geek!" She laughed and said well as long a syou know this... it's alright!

But now I shall defend the genre Murder Mystery, because:

         - You get to dress up: We were in Mayfair 1912, London.

         - It involves drama: You take on a part... I was Georgette Michel a flirty mademoiselle from Paris. (During play I revealed myself to be a social flirty *wink wink*climber and a criminal and went down with the Titanic) I had a disgracefully hilarious french accent.

         - You get fed and bevved up: You don't just snack on bag foods, but get a nice sit down meal. I don't actually drink, but when other people get tipsy/drunk and are in character... just pure entertainment!

         - You use your brain: Or try to at least. Between given dialogues we tried to improvise and hot seat each other a bit... and we had to use History to get our timelines correct. Shylock McClue (ou sleuth of you couldnt tell), on the cassette, was full of inuendos! I swear... may not be able to spell the damn word... but Shylock is a dude that knows good rock songs and three consecutive shags!

SO... good good fun. Fine quality entertainment! And not geeky but utterly cool! If you get the chance to host or attend?! DO IT! Can't wait fer the next!

All pictures are in Sepia, for period effect.

The hostess Dawn et moi!                                        From left: Dawn, Dan, Adam and the bit of hair is Pudney

 Very attractive! Corrie and me again (eating)

 I based my character Georgette on Josphine Bell, the black american smoldering sexuality that crossed the atlantic to live her life to the fullest. She become the rage in Paris, that she never would have had the opportunity to become in the USA. Unfortuanly my hiar isn't short anymore, but I pinned it up, accompanied it with smokey black eye make-up and dark lipstick. It was fun to attempt to emulate, but as you can see didn't quite achieve her funk! Hahahahahaha! Josephine Baker was big in the 20's and the party was set in the year that the Titanic sank. x

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