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    Name: Joe
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Location: Nottingham, UK
    Nicknames: Crugly (Crazy + Ugly... its a long story.)
    Piercings: Nope
    Tattoos: Nope
    Wearing: The height of cool
    Hearing: Indie Rock and Roll!
    Watching: the world go by
    10 or more of your favorite bands: 3 Doors Down, Ash, Bright Eyes, Eels, Electric Six, Foo Fighters, Greenday, Idlewild, Incubus, Jet, The Killers, Nada Surf, Nirvana, REM, Chili Peppers, The Shins, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Switchfoot, Ted Leo, The Thrills, Travis, The Vines, White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, Minus The Bear
    Hobbies: Bass Guitar, reading, rockin' out.
    Special Skill: The Power Of Rock (how about the power... to move you.)
    Favorite Pastime: Getting drunk and high with friends, talking about philosophy or films or just messing around.
    Favorite color: That orangey yellow... you know the one
    Favorite book: The Dark Tower (series) - Stephen King
    Favorite movie: American Beauty/Pulp Fiction/Requiem For A Dream
    Favorite food: Chicken
    Favorite animal: Cats?
    Opinion on virgins: Its you're life, do what you want
    Opinion on religion: Its messed the world up, but... I just think people should do what they want, so go for it if it helps you.
    Opinion on labels: Can't stand them. I mean, really, its the thing that pisses me off the most. All of a sudden everyones 'emo'. Just be you.
    Opinion on premarital sex: Once again, its your life.
    Opinion on abortion: Your body, your personal choice.
    Opinion on Bush: He's over-hated. But I still hate him
    How did you find us: Just looking around
    Why do you want to be _hotlikewoah_: Because I like to know what people think of me
    Do you smoke/drink/do drugs: sometimes/yeah/just weed
    Who is your role model: I don't believe in them.
    Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Better than most.
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