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Nicknames:FACE,Awana-buh,hey you.
Piercings:just my ears. Getting my septum and an inch above my lip on the right in march.
Wearing:A black/white striped shirt, Jeans and boots
Hearing:Ghetto people talking
Watching:the computer screen
10 or more of your favorite bands:
1) PANIC! at the disco
2) The suicide file
3) Bob Marley
4) Biggy
5)Jimi Hendrix
6)The Ramones
7)Sex Pistols
8)Cheap Sex
9)all else failed
10)OLD Underoath

Hobbies:Music; going to shows, photography,painting,art.
Special Skill:photography
Favorite Pastime:painting
Favorite color:light blue
Favorite book:And then there were none
Favorite movie:Fight club
Favorite food:cookies
Favorite animal:dogs..
Opinion on virgins: If someone wants to wait I think it's fine, But I don't praise them any more than someone who HAS had sex. Everyones different and some people have sex just for the physical affects...some because they are in love...
Opinion on religion: I honestly have no problem with religion. I just can't stand people who try to force it on others, or judge you based on you're religion. I have no religion, and some people might say "FUCK you you're going to hell" and other might just be cool with it...but me? I'm fine with other people and what they believe as long as they don't try to include me in it.
Opinion on labels: Labels are about the most cliche things on the little teenage market. I used to be all into the "ooh you're such a poser" thing. It's so stupid. And now there's this "you're FAKE" thing. Sorry but I've never met a "FAKE" person. So anyone who calls ANYONE "fake", I dare you to go up to someone you called that and pinch them. I BET that they are real.

Opinion on pre-marital sex:It's fine with me. Waiting is fine with me but I'm not going to give someone who waits any more praise than someoine who doesn't. It's YOU'RE choice and uit affects YOU.

Opinion on abortion:Im pro choice. I believe If a condom breaks or you find out too late to take the pill, then you should be allowed the choice to not have a child. Besides if you're against abortion you might as well be against guys jacking off.(There killing sperm you know?).

Opinion on Bush:I'm not going to go for the cliche' "I hate bush" Idea that everyone uses to define there own "originality" that they clearly lack but I'm NOT a fan of his. We are in an ILLEGAL war and are being ILEGALLY spied on through anti-war organizations. I'm not one to talk about the law but I think AT LEAST the president should abide by it even if some people don't.

How did you find us:I looked up "Rating community".
Why do you want to be _hotlikewoah_: It seems cool, active, nice people.
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs:yes.yes.yes.
Who is your role model:I guess I dont have a role model, and if I did it would change everyday...I dont want to choose just one person to favor over all the rest.
Describe yourself in 5 words or less:unpredicable,crazy,retarded,amusing,entertainign. Free Photo Sharing : Myself
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I love my hat Free Photo Sharing : SLUT POLICE
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