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Name: Liisa
Age: 18
Sex: F
Nicknames:leela, sweetpea, peanut
Wearing: ripped jeans, green t-shirt that says: (its cute you think i'm intrested)
Hearing:joy williams "we"
Watching: tommy boy
10 or more of your favorite bands: nickelback, mae, eminem, hillsong, emery, throwdown, fall out boy, michelle branch, joy williams, brand new
Special Skill: I can hotwire a car
Favorite Pastime: Legos
Favorite color: brown
Favorite book: message in a bottle
Favorite movie: march of the penguins? idk its too hard to pick just one
Favorite food: yogurt
Favorite animal:kittens
Opinion on virgins: stay that way, you'll save yourself alot of grief in the longrun
Opinion on religion: we're in a country that lets you believe whatever you want. I personally am a christian.
Opinion on labels: if you think by calling yourself something and acting a certain way is gonna prove something... think again.
Opinion on pre-marital sex: if you save yourself for your husband, you'll have no one to compare him with :-)
Opinion on abortion: MURDER!!!!!!!!!!
Opinion on Bush: I love this guy. Most kids hate him because everyone else does, or because you nit pick at everything he does wrong. C'mon guys, he knows what he's doing.
How did you find us: i did a search and yours popped up.
Why do you want to be </a></a>_hotlikewoah_: well, basically i want to see if i could possibly get in... I would update alot.
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs: i dont smoke. no i dont drink and no i dont do drugs
Who is your role model: #1.Jesus.
Describe yourself in 5 words or less: down to earth, laidback, friendly, outgoing, nice?




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