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Age:16 i am gonna be 17 on the 21!!
Nicknames:Gav,Gavinator, i think that might be it but people are always thinking of new ones
Piercings:my ears that is it..i want my eyebrow really bad though for some reason
Wearing:aero pink,green,and white polo shirt,white pants,pink belt and my old lady house shoes!
Hearing: best of you by foo fighters
Watching: nothing right now, but i just got done watching the end of james and the giant peach!
10 or more of your favorite bands:omg! you have to be kidding! so many! Coldplay,cool hand luke,seether,goo goo dolls,copeland,underoath,the vow (local band) slipknot,korn,ying yang twins(dont think they are really a band!)story of the year,mostly i like rock/indie/emo music, i like techno also though! i dont know i love all music anything that will make me get up and move!
Hobbies: my new hobbie is sewing! i am ok i guess! i have made a few shirts! and one pair of pants! i mostly just buy maybe lace or somthing and sew it on to pants or shirts. i like it when i am in the mood! somtimes i go to do it and i just get mad and break the machine!
Special Skill: i have good balance! lol and i can draw pretty good!and i can breakdance well i kinda can i know the basics! i am still learning!
Favorite Pastime:i love the beach,skateboarding,surfing which i just learned how to do. and i love to shop! it is my fav thing ever! and i go to church alot! i am a little church geek! i am early to hear the band play and i leave late!
Favorite color:green and pink right now my fav color changes from week to week
Favorite book: go ask alice! that was the best book i really liked! i think i read it 3 times!
Favorite movie: anything by tim burton! i love him he is the best! my fav movie would have to be edward scissorhands! a movie by tim burton and sexy jhonny depp was in it!
Favorite food:i am vegitarian so i eat alot of fruits and veggies. my fav food is problly pasta and pizza
Favorite animal:snakes! they have alot of power! well to me! i think they are so strong and i dont know!
Opinion on virgins:i am one! lol so yea i dont know to one their own! i dont think someones sex life is anyone elses problem! i hate it when people talk about their sex life and i dont want to know!
Opinion on religion:i am a christian and i go to church every chance i get! i love the hear the band play and connect with god, i dont know it is just somthing i have always done since i was little.
Opinion on labels:eww i hate them! cant say i dont label people because i do! i dont try to but it just happens! like i will talk about someone and if someone says who are you talking about? i always say oO that freak or goth or prep or somthing! i try not to! but it always happens! i hate labels though!
Opinion on pre-marital sex:i dont know like i said to one their own what you do in your bed is between you and the person you are with! i dont like it but yea know i know everyone else does it!
Opinion on abortion:i have ups and downs about that! yes it is murder and i hate it! but ya know if you have the money and if you dont want the baby for like teens who get preganet it is a good option. i dont think i could ever kill a baby like that but i dont know.
Opinion on Bush:he has done some good stuff in the past i guess, and in some ways i see why we are in iraq but it has been so crazy! all the men and women we have lost i think omg is it worth it!? but the true is we are all on this earth together so they deserve freedom just a bad as we do! but i just kinda wish that it wasnt my uncles and brothers going over there to fight. in the end it will all be worth it but bush seems to drag it out like this *war* will never be over! he has made some promises he didnt keep! so i dont know!
How did you find us:a friend came on here and got rejected so i thought hey why not try! what do i have to lose?!
Why do you want to be _hotlikewoah_:good question! everyone i meet says i am cute or hot so i thought hey! why not join a group where everyone is hot! sounds kinda stupid!
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs:long story! i used to do drugs and drink but now it all just seems kinda pointless! you get high or drunk and the next day it is just like wow what was that?!
Who is your role model:jesus, for one i wish i could be more like him! but no one is perfect and that is ok but i just do i basic stuff! dont lie,or cheat,steal things like that i try to do what jesus would do in every day stuff
Describe yourself in 5 words or less: child of god

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