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Age: ten + six
Sex: female
Location: kitchener, canada
Nicknames: sawa, piggy, porky, sarita, sarinha, goof(ball), nerd, geek
Piercings: 1 in each ear.
Tattoos: ouch
Wearing: pj pants, tank rdy to go to bed :)
Hearing: my hymm of my computer..
Watching: computer screen
10 or more of your favorite bands: britney spears, gwen stafani, jessica simpson, the killers, kelly clarkson, destinys child, ashlee simpson, jt, dj tiesto
Hobbies: soccer.
Special Skill: i can quack like donald duck :)
Favorite Pastime: shopping, soccer
Favorite color: pink
Favorite book: interview with a vampire- anne rice
Favorite movie: notebook
Favorite food: my ma's cookin'
Favorite animal: penguin
Opinion on virgins: whats wrong with them?? everyones a virgin at one point in there why should i have an opinion..?
Opinion on religion: its great? i dunno.. im catholic..i dun really believe in it much but some people live by there religion n if it makes them feel like theres a meaning in life..n makes them feel better den awsome..more power to you!
Opinion on labels: there everywhere.. deal with it..wear or don't wear it..i could care less.. i like, i wear..label or no label.
Opinion on pre-marital sex: if you think the timing is right and u wont regret it down the road den go ahead and screw! you only live once, have fun..but be safe :)
Opinion on abortion: i think its soooo wrong for soo many different reasons..
Opinion on Bush: could care canadian :) power to my prime minister..who ever he is :) sorry politics just arent for me..
How did you find us: search
Why do you want to be [info]_hotlikewoah_: why wouldnt i want to be?? lol
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs: no/occassionaly/no
Who is your role model: angelina jolie/adriana lima
Describe yourself in 5 words or less: spunky, weird, funny, nice, outgoing
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