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Just wondering....

hi :)

i'm writing a faith/lindsey fic and wanted to know if i'd be able to post it here once it's finished. are there any guidelines to posting here? i've posted a buffy/lindsey fic in the past. ;)

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PWM *Awaken The Muse* PWM

PWM *Awaken The Muse* PWM

Hey everyone!! Over at my site
Heightened Passions me and exposed1 are kicking off the Phantom Whispers Marathon (A month long dedication to Buffy/Lindsey).

Please come check it out. We are exchanging challenges already. Read something new!! PLEASE!!! It might be better than you thought...

Once again: come and check it out!!!!!!!!!! You won't be betraying B/A if you take a peak at another ship.

All forms of fanship are welcome: drabbles, fics, ficlets, pwp, graphics, challenges... this is your time to shine, or your time to sit back and enjoy! There are no time restrictions, or no rules, just a dedication to bring awareness into this alternate pairing.

I'm even revising my PWP series "A Moments..." and I'm working on a new Buffy/Lindsey pwp for Stars :)

Dani :)

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Looking for a CK movie....

For my fellow Christian Kane ANY of you know, where I can find a copy of his movie called LOVE SONG???? The singer Monica is in it too. It was an MTV movie, in 2000 and I would LOVE to find a copy of it!!!!!!!! :(

PLEASE help mee find it if you can! :)

Chloe-A-Thon!!! All B/Lindsey Fic!!

Hey Everyone!!

One of my loves is hosting a ficathon in my honor and its all about Lindsey!! Well, Buffy and Lindsey. I love the pairing, what can I say?! It stems from my meeting CK two weeks ago, and now she is back on her CK fan kick.

She is taking submissions in her LJ until May 31st. All submissions are screened, so thats a plus. Please check it out. Join if you want to! Pimp it for me!! We need more Buffy/Lindsey lovin'. I know, some may hate the pairing, but thats why its a Chloe-A-Thon and not an All-Pairings-A-Thon! Haha. But if you do like the pairing, and want to showcase your skills, now is the time!!

Here is the link -->>

Check it out. Puh and Lease!!

Chloe xx
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Just curious...

Hi :)

Does anyone know where I can download KANE videos/performances at? I have dial-up, so if I just try watching something, it's slow and not even worth the time. Which is why I'd prefer actually downloading stuff.

Thanks! :)
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Fic:Smoke on the water R 1/1

Hi, I'm quite new at this community and I'd like to share my first Lindsey fic ever and, as a matter of fact, the second fic I've posted in general:

Smoke on the water by Crimsonsenya

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy I merely borrow them for non-profit purpose. The title is a famous Deep Purple song.

Rating: R to be on the safe side.

Pairing: Lindsey/Connor

Genre: slash with darkish undertones, UC.

Spoilers: Angel midseason5

Warnings: contains m/m sex

A/N: This one’s written for natgel to thank her for the gorgeous Connor/Spike icon she made me. I planned to write a shameless PWP, but I seem to be completely incapable of writing smut and I refuse to write fluff (yikes!). The fic is unbetaed.

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