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1.when I'm pissed I out my hair up
2.when I'm pissed I dress really preppie
3.I can't control my anger, when I do i go red
4.My dad is an scholic
5.I hate girls
6.My mom works for a trucking company, she drives a truck
7.I hate hillary duff
8.I don't eat breakfast nor lunch
9. My ex boyfriend was 23
10. I tried to commit suicide 8 times
11.I hate sex
12. I hate evrything that relates to sex
13.I sleep with a teddy bear
14.I don't like some of my friends
15.I might be a pathelogical liar
16.I can't see my dad cuase he doesnt pay child support
17.My mom has had a nervous break down
18.I only call sam
19.My ex bf overdossed
20.I hate drugs
21.I wear braclets to hide the fact that I semi cut myslef
22.My life has been a living hell
23.My mom told me to kill mysself when I'm 19
24. I'm suppose to die when I'm 25
25.My grandparents say I'm ammistake
26.My mom used to have a stalker liek person
27. I'm always sick
28.I'm hyper because I have no other feeling
29.My mom used to be on wlefare
30. My step dad HIT me
31. I staerted school when i was 3
32.My name was given to me by my grandma because she was talking about crystal dimaods and my mom thought that she said Krystal as a name
33.my dad's gf hates me
34.I have an obbsession with winnie th pooh
35. I've been inlove with the same guy for 5 years
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