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Name: Sam Rizzo
Age: 15
From where? Arizona

About your hair
How long do you spend on your hair? Depends on how I want to do it. Normally around 30 minutess.
When was your last cut? Haha, I cut it all the time. I think the last time wass, a week? ago.
Ever colored your hair? If so, what colors: I colored it all this week, I couldn't decided what I wanted. So, finally (Wednesday) I dyed it Black with a Violet base. And a red chunk on the right side and then a streak on the bottom left side. But I've messed around with a lot of bleaches, reds, browns, and black.

favorite bands: Ima Robot, The Good Life, Circa Survive/Saosin, The Capricorns, Incubus, Alkaline Trio, Le Shok, Murder by Death.
favorite books: All of Chunk Palaniuk, Crank, Go Ask Alice
How'd you find us? I searched for "Hot Hair", haha.
At least one person/community where you promoted _hotasshair: My livejournal user info.

Photos (5 max. must have a front and side shot):
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