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hot AND awesome`` go figure
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This is the community where you can't only have a hot face & body, but you gotta have a kickass personality. The other mod(sally) and myself (angela) have decided to create a community because frankly, we're sick of seeing all these communities basing their rating on LOOKS only. yeah, you have a hot face, but that can only take you so far. we're awesome and we're hot, so if you think you've got what it takes, apply!


01. Don't be mean. We like to keep people at least a little bit happy with themselves. Who needs to be an ego-popper anyhow?
02. Put everything under an lj-cut. If you're unaware how to do this, go to howto and find out. It's a basic step in maintaining an LJ, c'mon people.. get with it.
03. Put, "We're too hot, and we're too awesome" in the subject line. If it isn't in the subject line, we won't bother rating. C'mon, it isn't that hard to type in the subject-line, now is it?
04. DON'T PROMOTE ANY OTHER COMMUNITIES IN HERE. It is not appreciated and 10 to 1 it isn't going to do anything for the community. Now, if you want to promote your OWN PERSONAL community here, talk to the mods & we'll see what we can do. We will make you a sister community if you ask.
05. All pictures when applying should be CLEAR. If the pics are all blurry, don't bother posting.
06. Post the whole application. If you're going to post only some of it, don't even bother.
07. Put effort into your application! No one wants to see a half-ass app. that took the person under a minute to do. Come on, be reasonable here.
08. Be kind to the members. If they say no to you, don't give them attitude.
09. dOn'T Type LYKe diS. Grammar is appreciated! Please try to remember the basic rules of grammar, we don't appreciate having members that look like unintelligable idiots.
10. Most importantly, mods are gods. respect us the most <3


01. Once you are accepted, please try to stay active. If you have a vacation that you're going on, please tell us ahead of time.
02. Put yes, no, or undecided in the subject line when rating new members. If you're undecided because of pictures, please ask them to post additional pictures. If you're undecided because of their actual awesomeness, ask them a question that you believe will determine true awesomeness or not. If you prefer not to put your answer in the subject line, bold it in the comment.
03. Give at least some what of a reason to why you're rejecting/accepting/undecided (about) them. Yes a simple answer is easy, but sometimes people would like to know why they aren't awesome or not.
04. When posting after acceptance put 'Stamped to the max' in the subject line so we know you've already been rated & you're not disobeying a rule.
05. Only post when you've been accepted.
06. Yes bluntness is good in some cases, this is not one of them. please try to be at least some what civil to our new members. ok, you can be a little mean.


03.Date of Birth:
04.Where did you hear of us?:
05.Why should we accept you?:
06.Why are you awesome?:
07.Why are you hot?:

08.(five) favorite bands:
09.(five) favorite movies:
10.(three) favorite books:
11.(three) favorite tv shows:

12. PICTURES. [no more than 5 no less than 3] & one 150x150 incase you're accepted. (it doesn't have to be exact, just in the range. we're not too picky as long as it isn't huge)

13.Promote us. Show proof. [Post in either three personal ljs or one community]