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yes i know im a mod and all but i wanna do this so you all know a bit more about me :)

Name: gwen
Age: 4 tEeN
Gender: girl
Location: palm shizzle, florida

10+ Favourite Bands: taking back sunday, at the drive in, the kinison, the used, blonde redhead, piebald, thursday, bright eyes, yeah yeah yeahs, hot hot heat
5+ Favourite Movies: harry potter, napoleon dynamite, elephant, haha freaky friday!!, grease( i love musicals)
5+ Favourite Books: i dont read.
Tell us something interesting about yourself:i love spagetthie but i hate tomatos its weird cause all spaghettie sauce is tomaoes.

Gay Marriage: i really dont think it matter if your gay or not. love is love. thats why i support kerry. i think it should be leagal everywhere i dont think they should travel far to get married leagally.
Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking: drugs are fine but you have to be responisible, with alcohol just be smart like dont drink and drive thats just plain stupid.
Sex Before Marriage: well ya gotta test drive a car b4 you buy it ;) but sometimes its better to wait cause it will mean alot more.

Why do you think you're _hot_sexxx_? well dont you see me?!?! hahha jay kay. i think being hott and stuff has alot to do with confidence,if your confident people see that and like it. and im pretty confindent but not overly. i dont really wanna be hot..i wanna be beautiful or goreous. mmhmm.

Post at least 3 clear pictures:

ok well here is a piture of my hair... haha

im gonna do more than 3 cause im bored.
and people like to look at pictures...

my hawt glasses!!!!
fer shizzle!

haha ^ that was what i was wearing!!

ok ok ok im done.
im gonna work on accepted and rejected signs cause im RAD like that. haha. later kiddos.
dance on.

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