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Ok, I just joined. Yay for me.
name: Hope
age: I'm not telling you. But I'm 14.
location: Finland (I WISH)
gender: Female
sexual preference: Straight
hobbies: drawing, listening to music.
music: Mostly metal, some goth stuff like Dresden Dolls and Siouxsie.
passions: VILLE VALO.
things you hate: Pretty much everything. But expecially POSERS.
things you love: Music. And drawing. And Invader Zim. And most kinds of anime. and Lenore (coolest cartoon EVER). And vampires.
interests: MUSIC!! MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC how many times do I have to say this?!?
pics(if you have any): Don't have any, my camera sucks.

Well, let me just say that I am obsessed with Ville Valo beyond what is considered "normal." Beyond what is considered "weird." Beyond what is considered "psycho."

Be warned.
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Hey Girls/Guys

Hey Girls/Guys, I just started a community and was wondering if any of you would like to join. Anyone can join so if you would like to be a part of it please go to my info page for the community, read the rules, and then click to join. As soon as you have done that a request will be sent to me and i will let you join, as simple as that.

U can come to this community about ANYTHING, so dont be shy, please join "All_Ur_Moments"

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name: Kara
age: 15
location: DC
gender: F
sexual preference: Straight
hobbies: guitar, photography, music in general
music: alternative, indie, classic rock, oi, ska, some goth metal.
passions: eyes... im obsessed with eyes. its the first thing i look at with people. and music is everything. i would die without it. oh, and i would die without chapstick too.
things you hate: feet.... cant stand them, they are icky. i hate people that do things for publicity and i hate, I HATE reality tv..... and george 'dubble-yah' bush.
things you love:i love capturing things in black and white and i love kissing people. i know thats weird, but i do. i love chocolate and strawberries... better yet, chocolate covered strawberrie.
interests: pretty much the same at my passions. i love to play guitar and listen to music... photography of sunsents and the city. i love the rolling stones. i like going to shows... locals mostly. i have a pretty simple life.

i dont have any pictures, i dont have a digital.


My girlfriend got an abortion, how on earth could anyone murder their own flesh and blood.

ripped open her womb
supposed fertile gardem
from the gloves life is gone
nothing living remains

How teh like my poem