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1. New Members
[x] JOIN first and post your application within 24 hours of your joining.
[x]For new members use and LJ-cut. If you don't have an LJ-cut you are automatically rejected.
***This is the cut: (lj-cut text="whatever u want the link to say")
and then u put all the stuff u want in the link under it
and then put (/lj-cut) REPLACE () WITH <>***

[x] First 5 applicants will be accepted, unless there's something that really sticks out for the stamped members to say no. after the first 5, within 2 days depending on how many yes' you received you will be stamped.
[x] New applicants must type "new" in the subject line. This way we know if you read the rules or not.
[x] Once accpeted vote! &&promote to two LJ members.