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About You---
=Name: Ashley, but I prefer to be called Ash
=Age: 18, baby!
=Location: Arizona
=Gender: Female

=Tell us about yourself: I am fun. I sing in a band. I am not claiming to be "punk" in my username, it is simply the next thing to come to mind when I found that my original selection of a name was already in use. Johnny Depp is hot. I want inhis pants and so do you. You cannot deny the hotness of Cap'n Sparrow. I love food, and I could probably give you  really fanfuckingtastic recipes for Chinese dishes. :D I have a cat, dogs, and a bird. I love my family. I think people who are fake are bullshit. Life is too short to be someone else. Be unique! And I think this community is going to be fuckin' awesome, so I am making a promo banner and promoting with that, since I didn't come upon any in the info, unless I'm a dumbass and overlooked it. :p If I'm accepted, I'll be more than glad to do more and create backgrounds and shit. If not, at least it was nice to (sorta) meet all of you! And onward to the pixxx and promo...
= promote to 2 people or communities: *-we want direct links-*



And I told a few friends to come, but their journals are friends only, and the link wouldn't work. ;)

Post at least THREE pictures of yourself:

b3be1cdc.jpg Aww, a smile!

62acc449.jpg Wearing makeup. (Makeup isn't a big part of my life, but it is fun once in a while!)

98b7099a.jpg Another one, made reddish yellow by photoshop.


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