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=Application about you---

=Name: Kimberly aka: Kim=

=Age: 15

=Location: Corpus christi; Texas!

=Gender: Female

=Tell us about yourself: Well im 15 im going to be a sophmore; I love ramen noodles! I love the music!. Im currently single. Im addicted to the new moolatte's from dairy queen I just LOVE them! ;D I like to speak my mind but that can be bad some times. I like to hang out with my friends; get on the computer and talk on the phone; im really lazy. Oh ya i love the tv show DEGRASSI. <33. I guess thats all i can tell ya if ya wanna kno anything else comment. or something ;D ;D

promote to 2 people or communities: *-we want direct links-* http://www.livejournal.com/users/gravely220/24665.html http://www.livejournal.com/users/electric______/5855.html

THREE pictures of yourself:

me and charles! <33.

nancy and me!

scratch and me!

me and nikki

I was like falling off the cliff; haha and i got scared... Me and jenni

Katie *N* Me

Sorry i got a little picture happy guys!

Thanks guys <33!

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