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About you---
=Name: Michelle
=Age: 16
=Location: Massapequa
Gender: Girl

=Tell us about yourself: Uhm I've been acting since I was 2..but now I'm more interesting in making my own movies [Filming, Sound Editing and Movie Editing]. I always carry a camera on me...to capture things I wish I was able to see everyday. I've givin up on love....i've never been in love before. Thats why I have my "emo" side, Friday nights spent singing and writing songs with my guitar. I love music...mostly idie and old rock..some hardcore. I'm obsessed with the beach...surfing and wakeboarding too. I started skating 2 years ago...and now I work for a Skate and Surf shop called District in Massapequa. And yeahhh

=promote to 2 people or communities


Post at least three picture of your self


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    I forgot this thing existed If you want to start it back up I guess keep posting

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