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About You---
=Name: Amanda Lynn
=Age: seventeen
=Location: Bay Shore*
=Gender: girly

=Tell us about yourself: ..well where should i start.. i'm crazy.. stupid.. blonde.. haha ..i'm a love struck, summer lovin, beach bum, who's lazy, sweet, silly and LOVES tiffanys, i'm addicted to starbucks, eating (esp pizza hut!! haha anastasia), and sleeping. i enjoy long walks on the beach, bubble baths, smiling, dreaming, laughing, and shopping. what can i say i'm a hopeless romantic.. (right??) some would say i'm an obsessive, secret keeping, fake, bitch.. (scott) ..but everyones entitled to their own oppinion. =0P haha (wow girls i think i got a lil too creative with this one.. anything to keep me from studying chemistry <3)

= promote to 2 people or communities:

_so_solid ..our lovely community*


Post at least THREE pictures of yourself:

katie and me*


me again
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