Eileen (sydneysweep) wrote in _hot_like_woah_,


About You---
=Name: Eileen Bo Beeny (thats what Quinn calls me, Eileen to you guys i suppose)
=Age: I can drive! 16...
=Location:Im in NY right now, but back to Down Under soon to surf some more
=Gender: I am female and damn proud!

=Tell us about yourself:Well im a emotional rollercoaster, lol, but most of the time im just a nice, opinionated kid, who likes people. Yup. Im cool. Har, and I like chillaxin with all the fine peeps i call my friends, but most of them are leaving this summer just like. Its gonne weird, it already has been. I guess ill just have to meet up some locals in Yeppoon.

= promote to 2 people or communities: *-we want direct links-*
http://www.livejournal.com/users/Pandorascross http://www.livejournal.com/users/Foreverhaunted
Post at least THREE pictures of yourself:

I know i know, its the same ol pictures that arent very good, but ive been so god damn busy with regents...but now im done! Failed my last test today, so ill update those pictures later!Oh and please dont tell me i need to pluck the eyebrows, i know i know, im growin em out so i can get them shaped

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