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=Name: Danae Schwartz
=Age: 13
=Location: Green Bay Wisconsin
=Gender: Female

=Tell us about yourself: I'm not the most active person but i really like soccer. I like hanging out with my friends a lot because my friends are like the best people alive! I'm not like, punk but i like bands more so then rap. But i enjoy rap. i HATE Avril. I am deathly afraid of TORNADOS! (sorry i added that, but there are some tornado warnings in wisconsin right now and i'm freaked). i can't stand people who are naggy and badger a lot. I am patheticly practicly in love. I love cats and monkeys!!

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i only have two pictures. i'm really sorry...i hope this doesn't like effect my chance of getting in.

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At my new school I have to sleep there during the week, and I only come home on weekends. And on the weekends... I'm going to be out with my friends, all the time. So, I regret to inform you that I'm leaving and once I'm done with this school (3 months or so) maybe I will reapply. <33