[1] Name: Nick
[2] Age: jsut turned 21
[3] Location: Buffalo NY
[4] Hobbies/interests: Im a bartender, involved in frat life on campus, and my hobbies are music and drawing
[5] Meanest thing ever done to a girl: when i was much younger there was this girl named Kara and i asked her to be my friend, she said no and i replied "well i dont KARA!" makeing fun of her name, and she cried..
[6] Nicest thing ever done to a girl: i havnt done any huge things, but i do alot of littel thigns on a daily basis that mabey girls dont notice, like open doors, pay for dinner, tell them they look nice... jsut try to be an overall gentelmen...
[7] five favorite movies: life as a house, meet the parents, latter days, broken hearts club, signs
[8] five favorite bands: coplan, early nov, fall out boy, blackeyed peas, scissor sisters
[9] favorite actor: Colen Farell
[10] favorite actress: Jennifer Aneston
[11] at least 2 clear pictures of you: they wont post into Lj individual for some reason... but anyway im the guy whos in the majority of the pics, usualy in blue except the ones where im in a cop costume...

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[1] Name:Russell
[2] Age:16
[3] Location: Orange County, CA
[4] Hobbies/interests: going to Disneyland, Starbucks or anywhere with my boy friend
[5] Meanest thing ever done to a girl: told her that she made me gay
[6] Nicest thing ever done to a girl: given her a dozen roses and told her she will be my best friend until the last on dies
[7] five favorite movies: fight club, rocky horror picture show, hedwig and the angry inch, gone with thie wind, margaret cho's standup
[8] five favorite bands: the used, run home jack, my chemical romance, coheed and cambria, alkaline trio
[9] favorite actor: jake gyllenhal
[10] favorite actress: jena malone
[11] at least 2 clear pictures of you:
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wow. i just realized i still have this community on livejournal. so i auto accepted the last 4 people. why? because i make the rules. and you bitches better vote and promote or your banned. =)