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Hot and Proud

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

To view our member list [accepted/rejected members], please follow this link:
[ Member List ]

1. LJ-cut:
+ You must LJ-cut everything... this includes your application and pictures.
2. Pictures:
+ A minimum of three clear pictures of yourself. Please have at least one picture showing your face.
3. Subject Line:
+ Put "Am I Hot" to show that you read these rules.
4. Age:
+ Minimum age: 15 Maximum: Old
5. Application:
+ Bold your question or answer to make it easier to read.
6. Attitude.
+ Do not get mad because you receive a no. You asked for our opinion.
7. Time:
+ Please apply within 24 hours of joining.
8. Rating.
+ Majority rules. More yesses means you were accepted, more nos means you were rejected.
9. Application.
+ You may not delete your application and reapply again.
+ You may not comment outside of your application post until you are accepted.
10. You must follow all of these rules. The rating is based on 50% for looks and 50% for your application.

+ Name:
+ Age:
+ Status:
+ Sex:
+ Sexual orientation:
+ Location:
+ Please promote community at three places [journal is okay]:
+ My pics:

1. Accepted members are expected to stay active. Please vote, promote and keep posting your gorgeous pictures.

3. Make all entries relevant to this community.

4. Put your answer (yes/no) in the subject heading of your comment. Also please make your own comment when voting, don't comment to someone elses opinion.

5. Try and provide at least one reason why you are voting yes/no.

6. Overly rude and/or discriminatory commnets based on an applicant's age/sex/race/sexual preference will be deleted.

Your Maintainer/Mod, Daniel

If you have any questions regarding anything please do not hesitate to contact any of us:
Daniel -enflmdphnx
Aim: xbacardi01