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Horrorpops Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
Horrorpops Fans

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[02 Sep 2006|02:28pm]

New outfit?

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[01 Sep 2006|12:08pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Can people post clear pics of Patricia/Kamilla's rose hair clips with the skull in the middle please? I'd be much obliged.

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[28 Aug 2006|03:27pm]

does anybody have when patricia was in a tattoo magazine? was it this one? i have seen the pictures once a long time ago.
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[28 Aug 2006|10:27am]


A little old, but it hadn't been scanned yet, so there.

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[27 Aug 2006|07:30pm]


Some Go-Go's for everyone.Collapse )
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[03 Aug 2006|11:56am]

[ mood | refreshed ]

[x] Name- Ashley Merritt
[x] Age- 14
[x] Location- Pennsylvania
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops? I was browsing Best Buy, and I came upon a copy of Bring It On... I'm a sucker for female vocalists, horror, and whatnot.. so I had to buy it.
[x] Have you seen them live? No. I need money and a ride.
[x] What are some other bands your interested in? Hmm... well, Tiger Army and Nekromantix of course.. Cradle of Filth, H.I.M, Misfits, Rancid, AFI, White Stripes, D'espairs Ray, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share:
Pics?Collapse )

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1st post [01 Aug 2006|03:09pm]


[x] Name: michelle

[x] Age: 18

[x] Location: maryland

[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops?
word of mouth

[x] Have you seen them live?
yes, twice.

[x] What are some other bands your interested in?
crass, the clash, dropkick murphys, duane peters gunfight, the victims, the unseen, the cure, the partisans, bomb squadron, cheap sex, defiance, shannon murray, evan greer, ryan harvey, bright eyes, ayria, nekromantix, a global threat, 7 year bitch, six of it all, the she-devils, xray spex, big d and the kids table, dj keoki, the toasters, phobia, planned collapse, everytime i die, the melvins, xiu xiu, bella morte, diva destruction, grimple, ween, moonsorrow, dj spooky, bob marley, etc. i like a variety.

[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share:

pic anyone?Collapse )
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[23 Jul 2006|01:36pm]


it's an active community for girls of all shapes and sizes! click the link and take a look--if you want, join! everyone is super friendly, and you can talk about just about anything!
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Hi [11 Jul 2006|11:34am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

new to the community and lj.
I love Patricia
she is so hot!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

feel free to add me!

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hootenanny [10 Jul 2006|07:20pm]

[ mood | good ]

give me a hell! give me a yeah!

hootenannyCollapse )

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Time for THE HOOT! [01 Jul 2006|03:12am]

Alright, who's going to be at Hootenanny tomorrow? I'll be there. I'm so stoked. Is anyone else really surprised that Flogging Molly is playing?

(I'll be the only girl with a crazy Indian-looking purse with mirrors on it. Woot.)

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Kam pic as well [24 Jun 2006|09:28am]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[20 Jun 2006|11:11am]


An oldie of Kamilla...

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since this community is pretty much dead... [18 Jun 2006|05:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

i'd like to extend this personal invitation to anyone who may like to join. we have members of all shapes and sizes, so feel free to join whenever you'd like! we have cool monthly themes and stuff, so check out the user info to find out more!

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[18 Jun 2006|12:30pm]


Does anyone have the rest of the photos from the SouthSpace set? They were like this one:

Take your top off.
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[17 Jun 2006|10:10pm]

So the traffic in here as sort of died down. I thought maybe I'd post something I found on youtube.

It's a nine minute interview with Patricia. I love her accent and her laugh. *swoons*

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new entry new member [15 Jun 2006|08:58pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

[x] Name: Takui
[x] Age: 20
[x] Location: Turkey / Istanbul
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops?: Well a frind told me about them "Takui you gotto listen Horrorpops... You'll like...They're awesome..." and i met Horrorpops... Know really like their music..She was right ^_-
[x] Have you seen them live?: Nope
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?: Alkaline Trio, Jimmy Eat World, Aquabats, Slightly Stoopid, Save Ferris, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, SOAD, Deftones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hot Hot Heat, Funeral For A Friend, Bloc Party...
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: Well i don't know what to say more...Aww my favourite horrorpops song is "juila" =) if you wanna know more about me feel free to ask thanks for making this community

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[14 Jun 2006|04:55pm]

[ mood | okay ]

What the hell, when did this site decide to go bottom up?

Whatever. Heres some Kamilla pics.Collapse )
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I'm new [16 May 2006|08:29am]

[ mood | busy ]

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[16 May 2006|07:59am]

[x] Name: Mike OI
[x] Age: 18
[x] Location: Ukraine (If you'll open the map of Europ, and look under Rusia - you'll find me) )
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops?: I was reading about Necromantix in wikipedia, and fond info about Horropops)
[x] Have i seen live shows?: No. And i doubt if the ever arrive to Ukrain((((
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?: Necromantix, The Quakes, Mad Sin.........and lots of ukrainian and russian punk-rock music, wi4 you probobly don't know)
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: aaaaaaaaaaa......Me be PUNK! Me be stupid. Me likes beer and vodka)
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