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New Horrorpops interview

Issue 30 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!), glam / punk / goth / 'billy zine ‘Bubblegum Slut’ is out now and includes a new interview with The Horrorpops' Kim, as well as a 18 track free CD and 80 pages of the following;


New Model Army
The Quireboys
The Almighty
The Hellacopters
Hardcore Superstar
Dogbones / Queenadreena
The Vibrators
The Godfathers
Semi-Precious Weapons
The Creepshow
Rebel Rebel
Drugdealer Cheerleader
Plastic Toys
Teasing Lulu
New Generation Superstars
My Passion
Crazy Lixx
Sorry & The Sinatras
Fashion from Vaudeville 79, Marc Vachon & Disturbing Trend plus Dead Threads giveaway.
Rock biographies

As usual you also get a CD absolutely free, featuring tracks from Chop Suicide, Los Salvadores, Supervoss, Motor 76, DD Dynamite, Valiumbitch, Skintight Jaguars, The Elvis Suicide, Nero Burns, The Ghosts Of Lovers, Electra Glide, The Eruptors, Trashtown Thrillers, Pistol Kixx, Sonic Porno, Supragod, Harlots of Beyond and Pro-jekt.

Copies cost £2.40 inc UK postage, or £3.00 R.O.W

To order using PayPal simply use the buttons located in the ‘About Me’ section of our MySpace page.

Alternatively cheques / postal orders (pay ‘A.Bateman’) and disguised cash can be sent to; 27 Stores Lane, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0LH
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