An end to every sad song (stillhonest) wrote in _horrorpops,
An end to every sad song

shall we begin?

[x] Name: Chuckles
[x] Age: 18
[x] Location: Escondido, California
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops?: Friends
[x] Have you seen them live?: I wish
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?: Against Me!, Firewater, Mary Prankster, Flogging Molly, Sublime, Nekromantix, Reverend Horton Heat, Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Johnny Cash, The Specials
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: Like alot of other folk, I'm learning to play the upright bass because of Nekroman and Patricia. Other than that, I'm pretty average. I love to drink, I love to smoke, and if you ask me, Pizza is God's gift to planet earth. I like to brew my own alcohol (Cider, Mead, Ale, Beer and the like), and I've got a brew shop set up in my garage. I'm a fighter, and an actor, and one day I'll be famous.

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