April 14th, 2008

Michael Zulli Death

Horrorpops live on XM radio

Hey if any of you get XM satellite radio they are doing a "live in the studio" thing with the Horrorpops right now on Fungus 53 - they'll also be replaying it a few times :)


Fungus Highlights
April 14 - The Horrorpops Perform Live

Euro-psychobilly legends The Horrorpops roar through a live set from the XM Performance Theatre in Washington, DC, for an audience of none. Hear nasty/sexy/evil sounds from their entire career including the new album Kiss Kiss Kill Kill.

Monday, April 14 at 8PM Eastern

Wednesday, April 16 at 3PM Eastern
Saturday, April 19 AT 12:01 AM Eastern
Saturday, April 19 AT 12 noon Eastern

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    Horrorpops - Heading for the Disco?