April 19th, 2006

pin up

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The Horrorpops were suppose to play here tonight, but cancelled due to van problems. Go figure, since they always have van problems. Except, I did get to see Left Alone who were amazing! They made my shitty day become so much better. It was bad before I found out about the show too.

Anyway, if none of you have been to the Horrorpops' website in a while, or at all today. You would have missed this posting.



If you read that, then go to their guest book you'll notice all of the bad mouthing going on. Is this actually necessary? I understand that if a band shows up and then they cancel, you'll wonder why. Yes, you can get mad also, but they won't just cancel for no reason. Or at least, I don't think so. Give the band a little more credit. I was disappointed about not seeing them tonight, but not enough to post mean things about the band on their message board. The only reason I would bitch is if my money wasn’t refunded. That's just my opinion.