October 1st, 2005

Michael Zulli Death

Bring It On in Richmond!

So we drove down to Richmond after work yesterday to a neat little club in a back alley in the Shockoe Bottom section of town (near one of Edgar Allen Poe's houses, now a museum) & caught up with the Horrorpops! They loved the cookies we brought, in fact Geoff had to run off & take a photo of them before they got eaten!

Got some great pix, Patricia has a neat new bass and Kamilla and Naomi had new go-go outfits that looked sort of like straightjackets made into prom dresses for the demented :)

Also enjoyed openers Roger Miret & the Disasters (as always) and Left Alone who I'd never heard before but had been recommended to me by quite a few people (I'll get some shots of them tonight!)

Off tonight to the Ottobar in Baltimore for more!!

tons more pix on my web page here - www.psychotica.net/horrorpops/AlleyKatz-2005.html

Meanwhile click LJ cut for a sneak preview!

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the answer to the bass question

and for all of us who thought they just couldn't/wouldn't do it:

full article : http://dcexaminer.com/articles/2005/09/25/features/music/45asounds13horror.txt

important snippets:

She's wanted to smash that bass many times. Then she got the chance to do it: The band wanted to put her on the cover of the new CD, "Bring It On!," again with the bass (like for last year's debut, "Hell Yeah!"), and she finally saw the chance for some wanton destruction.

It did make for a tough photo shoot, however.

"Try to look cool while you're throwing a bass around, and look cute and smart and sexy and all that at the same time. It's pretty [expletive] impossible," Day says, laughing.

- Kim Nekroman and Patricia Day designed and built Day's new upright bass. Not on tour, she says Nekroman can build an entire instrument in five days.

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