July 22nd, 2005

Michael Zulli Death

Where They Wander....in Cleveland!

Roadtripped out to Cleveland to see the Horrorpops at Warped since it was the closest they'd come to the east coast on the Warped tour & I was tired of waiting for a chance to see them.

I was sooo happy to finally see them, I had been so bummed when they had to cancel their May 2004 Baltimore show when their van broke down. And even better now that Geoff is with them as I have missed seeing him so much since he quit Tiger Army! I loved them before the show and I love them way more afterwards, as great as "Hell Yeah!" is they are even better live than on record since there is so much to watch & they all seem to be having such a blast on stage - such great dynamics between them : )

And it was great to hear their new song "Bring It On" live - it was amazing, its gonna be hard to wait for that new album to come out!

I'll have more on my website in a few days, gonna make a page for them but meanwhile here's a few!

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