January 16th, 2005


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Pick a favorite album: Hell Yeah! By The Horrorpops

Fill out the rest of the quiz using only song lyrics from the above album.

How old are you: I’m Frozen
Describe yourself: Red Lips and Fine Curved Hips
How do people feel about you: She’s Sicker Than Hell
How do your exes feel about you: Maybe I’m Not Worth The Fight
How do you feel about yourself: She Hasn’t Got a Clue
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: A Mighty Fine Sight to Look Upon
Describe your family: I Don’t Understand What They’re Doing
Describe your best friend: She’s The One That Always Stands With A Smile
Describe where you want to be: Cruise Around In Their Vintage Cars
Describe what you want to be: Pure and Right
Describe your spirituality: I’m Not Giving Up My Soul Today
Describe how you live: I Don’t Wanna Give In, I Don’t Wanna Concede
Describe how you love: No Man Can Deny... All Men Satisfy
Current love life: Every Month The Same Routine
Share a few words of wisdom: Everything Is Gonna Be Fine, You’re Gonna Be All Right
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