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Horrorpops Fans

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this community is dead so... [08 Mar 2012|03:15pm]


great stuff @ affordable prices
updated earlier today
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first time post here..hi! [03 Nov 2011|07:03pm]


[x] Name: Jules
[x] Age: 21
[x] Location: Canaduh
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops?: i was searching for psychobilly music a while back...
[x] Have you seen them live?: I WISH!!
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?: johnny cash, patsy cline, dresden dolls, detektivbyran, the knife, goethes erben, endraum, kay starr, janis martin, rasputina, caravan palace, monster rally, reverend horton heat, frank sinatra, ramones, blondie, the cure, dirty beaches, ladytron, lissi dancefloor disaster, david bowie, devotchka, the gruesomes, raveonettes etc...
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: I need morev friends. talk to me..yeah me too!

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[27 Jan 2010|08:26am]

Hello all! I don't know if anyone still watches this community (I see the last post was awhile ago), but I'm looking for some information about a piece of art done of Patricia Day and I'm trying to find out who did it so I can contact them. I originally found it on Google Images in a random person's myspace, but they did not appear to be the person that originally made the art.

I'm putting it below the cut - if you could just take a peek and see if you might know who to contact for this?

ImageCollapse )

Thanks for any help!
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HorrorPops Google Theme [12 Sep 2008|05:27am]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.
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Horrorpops at Warped! [18 Jul 2008|01:28pm]


Caught the Horrorpops on Wednesday at the Warped stop at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD.

It was kinda odd seeing the "stripped down" 3 piece version of just Patricia, Kim & Neidermeyer sans dancers but they sounded great!

They did invite a couple of gals from the audience onstage though & they certainly seemed to be enjoying their 15 mins of fame & there was so much humping on Patricia's bass while Kim took his turn playing it that Patricia commented "I think its gonna have babies"

Whole page of photos here:

more pix belowCollapse )
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Horrorpops live on XM radio [14 Apr 2008|08:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey if any of you get XM satellite radio they are doing a "live in the studio" thing with the Horrorpops right now on Fungus 53 - they'll also be replaying it a few times :)


Fungus Highlights
April 14 - The Horrorpops Perform Live

Euro-psychobilly legends The Horrorpops roar through a live set from the XM Performance Theatre in Washington, DC, for an audience of none. Hear nasty/sexy/evil sounds from their entire career including the new album Kiss Kiss Kill Kill.

Monday, April 14 at 8PM Eastern

Wednesday, April 16 at 3PM Eastern
Saturday, April 19 AT 12:01 AM Eastern
Saturday, April 19 AT 12 noon Eastern

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New Horrorpops interview [31 Mar 2008|02:01pm]

Issue 30 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!), glam / punk / goth / 'billy zine ‘Bubblegum Slut’ is out now and includes a new interview with The Horrorpops' Kim, as well as a 18 track free CD and 80 pages of the following;

Read moreCollapse )
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Kamilla Vanilla's new band - Soda X! [22 Jan 2008|11:03pm]


Kamilla has a new band in the works called Soda X - she gave me a couple of buttons at the Tiger Army show in San Diego & sent me a link to her myspace page - they don't have any music clips up yet but will in the next couple of weeks. I asked her what they sound like and she said it is more Alternative/New Wave than punk, anyhow I look forward to hearing them - Kamilla will be singing & her friend Miss Jannicke on guitar.


And of course Geoff is now back in Tiger Army - got some great shots of him in action in San Diego -
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Just thought you'd wanna know :D [12 Dec 2007|08:43pm]


New Horrorpops! February 5th, 2008!

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Just joined [12 Dec 2007|08:35pm]

Hello out there!

Who is this chica?Collapse )
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since the Horrorpops are off the road.... [17 Jun 2007|10:24am]

I thought you might enjoy some shots of Kim in action with the Nekromantix. :)

I finally got a chance to resize & upload a bunch of the photos I shot last month of the Nekromantix in Baltimore at the Ottobar on May 4th - check 'em out here!


pix below!!!Collapse )
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[27 May 2007|11:35am]

hi<,my name is kate'm 19...
im from russia
i glad that i find this community
its me
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[24 May 2007|11:38am]

i dont know how to do cuts. whoops

[x] Name: Cris Chinatown
[x] Age: 18
[x] Location: Melbourne.
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops? link on another bands page a few years ago
[x] Have you seen them live? Yup!!!  Annandale in Sydney
[x] What are some other bands your interested in? Gutter Demons, Nekromantix, Demented are go, Agnostic Front (and so on and so forth)
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: I don't like vitamins.

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I wanna do wrong!!!! =D [12 Mar 2007|07:03pm]


I have some Horrorpops themed Banners(or headers)/ icons. If you like my work, feel free to join my icon community, phase_icons. Enjoy all!
*CREDIT illicit_ and phase_icons

*Comment what you take so that I can see what people like more!

Don't give a dam about your rebel yellCollapse )
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HELLO KITTY tarot deck on ebay.... [16 Feb 2007|08:52pm]

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shall we begin? [08 Dec 2006|01:53am]

I got your dollar short. It came a day too late.Collapse )
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Hey kids whats shakin'? [07 Dec 2006|10:51pm]

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[03 Dec 2006|10:04pm]


[x] Name: Aurora
[x] Age: 16
[x] Location: The Bubble, TX
[x] How did you hear about the Horrorpops?: A hellcat sampler way back when...
[x] Have you seen them live?: Once and it was amazing!
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?: a wilhelm scream, afi, against all authority, agnostic front, anti-flag, armor for sleep, autumn, bad religion, bedlight for blue eyes, black flag, bright eyesbullet train to vegas, buzzcockscigaretta, clockwise, crash romeo, crass, crowfish, dahlia seed, dead to fall, depeche mode, eisley, elliot smith, empty face, fugazi, gatsbys american dream, head automatica, husker du, iggy pop, interpol, jawbreaker, kill hannah, ladytron, last hope, lifetime, linkin park, mindless self indulgence, minor threat, morrissey, muse, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, operation ivy, panic! at the disco, patent pending, pretty girls make graves, propagandhiradiohead, rain, rancid, red knife lottery, refused, rites of spring, ryan's hope, samhain, say anything, scarling, snow patrol, suicidal tendencies, sunny day real estate, texas is the reason, the (international) noise conspiracy, the adicts, the blood brothers, the bouncing souls, the clash, the cure, the dead kennedys, the dillinger escape plan, the distillers, the dresden dolls, the germs, the getup kids, the horrorpops, the killers, the libertines, the living end, the misfits, the postal service, the promise ring, the ramones, the shins, the smiths, the soviettes, the subhumans, the uk subs, the unseen, thrice, thursday, tiger army,.
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: I need morev friends. talk to me

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new community [09 Oct 2006|10:44am]

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[04 Sep 2006|10:48am]


And if you haven't heard it from a while ago, Nardwuar's interview with Horrorpops:


Just skip over the My Chemical Romance & Transplants interviews, they're after that. Or, don't...
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