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Promo [
9.17.06 - 8.57pm


-Open and excepting community for couples who are in love and devoted to only eachother
-There is an application and voting process but it is mainly there so we can get to know you better
-18+ to join, but we are fairly lenient so come apply!
-Very active mods
-Hoping for a very active community
-Lots of activities; Theme of the week, Couple of the month, etc

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7.18.06 - 9.36pm

click here to learn more!

+ Active Mods
+Active Members
+Quick Stamping
+Open Minded Members
If i have posted this it is because i couldnt see anything in your info stating you didnt like promos.
if you dont want this here please delete it and i am sorry!
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Never Loved [
12.15.05 - 4.59pm

[ mood | lonely ]

I've never been in love, i mean the honest and true deep down love, when you just know its right. It sometimes gets me down, and i'm sure i'll meet the right guy sooner or later. The one who warms my heart and who knows me inside out, and who i can come home to and love! if your in love then you don't understand the agony of never being in love, or never being loved y someone special! I've got the rest of my life for my prince to come along and sweep me off my feet. I just wanted to know, am i asking too much of love? can you ever ask too much of it? i want it to be perfect (i understand that no relationship is perfect, but i want the feeling to be just right!)isn't it ever girls dream to fall in love, have a fairy tale romance and get married in a big white dress. well its mine anyway,only i've seen this perfect pink dress, not barbie pink, soft pink, its gorgeous, now all i need is a man or someone to love!

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its a hard life [
12.10.05 - 11.31am

[ mood | loved ]

every girl dreams of finding the right guy and having a great relationship with him. once you find the right guy you won't let anything stand in your way. you do whatever you can to keep him your own. and we all know that if we see the guy we like just talking to another girl we get jealous. thats just how girls are lol. i know that if i see him talking to another girl that i don't know i get jealous. especially when i think she's prettier than me. when you see a girl that you think is prettier than you, skinnier than you, or whatever, you get jealous. it makes you feel lower than them. and then you feel that you may not be good enough for the guy. this is how i feel when things like that happen. me and him just had a fight earlier this week about it.i'm not going to go through what happened i don't wanna think about it lol. but this is how i know he's the right one. . . i trust him, he loves me for me, he looks at me like i'm everything he ever wanted. he wouldn't do anything to hurt me. i wouldn't hurt him. he's been my best friend and he's been the love of my life since we were in junior high. yes we may argue but we always get through it. we don't go and break up like other couples i see do. me and him are in love and we want to be together till death do us part. no matter what happens we always get through it together. just like best friends do. and i love him more than anything else in this entire world.

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not a day goes by [
11.23.05 - 2.13pm

"not a day goes by, that i don't think of you.after all this time, you're still with me its true."

well brian left for his mom's for thanksgiving. yesterday i just got really upset 7th period for some reason. brian walked right by me in the hallway and then i called him and he didn't hear me. what i wanna know is why is it such a big deal that a woman wants some romance? every girl is like that! and guys don't wanna hear about it. they don't care. well here's the thing. . . i have always dreamt of that perfect relationship filled with romance and with the perfect guy your one and only love. well i've known brian is my one and only love since 7th grade. brian is the perfect one for me. he's the only one that gives me the feeling of true love, he completes me. he's everything i ever wanted. he always knows how to put a smile on my face. especially in the morning when he'd look at me, smile, and say good morning sunshine. and then if i'm not in a good mood or if he's just trying to be sweet he would say you're beautiful i love you smile! and then i would always smile. and if i was upset he would hold me and then look me in the eye and say he loves me. i could always feel the strength in those words when he said it like that. brian is a big romantic i know he is. for months in our relationship from the beginning, he was such a sweetheart. he was so romantic. and i miss that. . .

i mean. . . you know how the little things are the ones that count the most? well romance in this relationship is important to me. i need to feel the romance. i've always wanted that kinda relationship. . . its just a big thing to me you know?
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wow long time. . . [
11.1.05 - 8.06pm

omg its been forever since i've updated. well school started and its been pretty tiring alot. there's alot of work to be done this year so it gets pretty hectic. but i manage i get the work done. me and brian have made it to a year and 2 months almost. and everything is still wonderful. basically same as usual lol. not much has happened. this year has been filled with alot of new friends now. i talk to blaze alot. he's in two of my classes so me and him always joke around. the classes are good. i'm doing good in them except i think i might be doing bad in pre calc. i mean i have done bad on tests and quizzes i just don't know how its gonna turn out on the report card. but everything else is good. my mom has gotten on my case about school. for some reason she thinks that i'm gonna fail. excuse me i'm smart i can do it. don't they believe in me? well brian just finished football. i missed 2 games this year. this year since he's a senior i made a shirt that says "big g" brian gallagher on the front and Newburgh 63 Goldbacks on the back. his jersey number was 63. and i made him a sign. at the last home game i was interviewed for the sign. and the interviewer was someone i don't really like. she kinda flirts with brian and it makes me mad but i haven't gotten mad lately. so i really don't know what else to say. . . my life is still as exciting as ever. but i will try my hardest to stay in touch.
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2 Urban Romance Songs, girl2boy song & boy2girl song- "Cater 2 U" (DestinysChild) & "Gotta Make It" [
10.6.05 - 4.01am

[ mood | loved ]

Dear everyone,

Often, when people think of romance music, they think of traditional romance songs.  Umm... so I just wanted to take a moment and share (the first few lines of....) a couple of non-traditional, very detailed, urban romance songs that I like a lot, not just for their nice sound, but also because the lyrics and words touch my heart and they tell of a part of society that isn't expressed often.  I just want to take a moment to say I like these two songs.  I think they are both lovely and full of emotion.  One is a girl2boy song and the other is a boy2girl song.  If you have a love song that you want to share that reminds you deeply of love, or reminds you of the one you miss, feel free to share it on the comment section of my journal or on the comment section of this community.  Thanks.

Love you all,

Thanks for listening,


The first song is titled "Cater 2 U" by Destiny's Child - (I love this song)

Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U Lyrics

[Verse 1 Beyonce]
Baby I See You Working Hard
I Want To Let You Know I'm Proud,
Let You Know That I Admire What You Do
The More If I Need To Reassure You, My Life Would Be Purposeless
Without You (Yeah)
If I Want It (Got It)
When I Ask You (You Provide It)
You Inspire Me To Be Better
You Challenge Me For The Better
Sit Back And Let Me Pour Out My Love Letter

[Full song lyrics found on my journal by clicking here]

The second song is "Gotta Make It" by Trey Songz (feat. Twista)  which I just heard today for the first time and liked it from the moment he said "shaaaaaaaawty."  :o)

Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It
Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It
Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It

Shawwwwwwwwwwty (shawty), all I got is a dollar and a dream
Is ya gonna roll wit me? (roll wit me)
You see I've tried a 9 to 5, and it just don't fit me
(fit me) (no)
I can get us out the hood and have us livin good
Ya feel me? (oh do feel me)
But I aint leavin here if you ain't wit me
(If you ain't wit me)
Cause girl a suit wit a smile that don't fit me
Taking a bus for some miles is gon kill me
(that's gon kill me)

I'm tryin' to turn it around,
start this thing from the ground
and as long as you're down I know,

Looking at you day after day, I know I
Just Gotta Make It (alright) Just Gotta Make It

[Full song lyrics found on my journal by clicking here]

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ever feel like you can't express your intense emotions...without offending someone? thats why... [
10.5.05 - 12.50am

[ mood | listless ]

dear friends,

ever feel like you can't express your intense emotions...without offending someone? thats why... I love when I'm in love with that special person... cuz then I can finally express all my intense emotions about all kinds of stuff in the world.... to someone without havin to worry that they're offended.

if for no other reason, thats one of the greatest things about being in love,

-love for the people,


"somewhere out there" there is one we can all talk to with our defenses down...


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I just want to express my love for everyone who is choosing to stay away from Starbucks. Much love! [
9.20.05 - 5.30am


Dear friends,

K... and I are activists and I love her for the way she looks out for others and she cares for all people all over the world.

I just want to take this moment to express my mystical, and appreciative love for everyone who is choosing to stay away from Starbucks.  I love each and everyone of you deeply because I know sometimes your friends try to convince you to go, but your love for others keeps you out of Starbucks.

Starbucks exploits, abuses, tortures, steals and worst of all they promote internationally networked exploitation amongst the many multinational-corporate stores in which they breed like a virus, such as Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Safeway etc.,.

Here you will find an article, which details Starbucks many abuses.

Here you will find and article, at the bottom of which lists ways to take action against Starbucks from everywhere

Deep love for you all, your actions make a difference, real lovin for everyone,

love for the people,


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hello members [
9.10.05 - 12.50pm

Hey Members,
Sorry I haven't been active lately. Really I truly am sorry. I just have been really busy with school things are getting so hectic. I am a junior in high school and I'm taking three college courses. So I can't make time for the computer as much as I would like because I have to study my eyes out. I will try to make it on here as much as I could. In the mean time please keep having fun in this community and keep posting. I will read them as soon as I can and help anyone out if you need me. But just because I can't be on as much as I used to does not mean that I won't be here for you all. Talk to you soon hopefully.
Your mod Jenn
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I've gone from letter writing to mushy poetry, forgive me, readers! [
8.16.05 - 5.09pm


I've gone from letter writing to mushy poetry, forgive me, readers!

here is my poem:


         Like a childhood cartoon flick
we'd be dogs in love, you my lady, me, your tramp
         Two entertwined candles, burning a single endless wick,
I'd kiss away your tears when your eyes are damp
         K..., when i see your smile,
it touches my mind in endless ways,
What do i love about you?  You.  You. You. Your everything.  Your core.  Your style.

         I feel the gamma rays
of what you inspire in me and it brings me unfathomable strength,
         It's like the running of the bulls in Spain,

But instead of fear, exhiliration!  As we together, ride the bulls the entire length.

I could go on.... and on.... but whats the point?
         All i want is you.  Here.  Now.

The pain I feel without you. Some use pills, some play the pimp, or smoke a joint

to make it go away.  All I do is write this journal and want you... here... NOW. 

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I just posted love letter #2 on my journal and I would like your true feelings about it [
7.30.05 - 2.21pm

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I just posted love letter #2 on my journal and I would like your true feelings about it (the July 29th, 2005 entry). It the actual, true, unedited (except for the names) letter which I sent to the woman who I feel is my soulmate a couple days ago.

I have to share this love with you because it is too much for me to bear alone.

It is incredible when you meet the love of your life and yet you can not be together. The song that keeps going through my head as I think of losing her is Whitney Houston's "Why Does It Hurt So Bad?"

I also think of Jermaine Jackson's Song titled "Why don't they play?" in which he sings "Why donnnnnnn't they play what they played on the nights
you danced with me?" because she and I listed to so much music together and were so happy together during those moments.

Thank you, community, for existing and taking the time to read this. I love you all,


My journal entry has a way for people to make completely anonymous comments if anyone would like to share their true feelings about my letter.
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7.24.05 - 4.52pm

[ mood | calm ]

alright i just got home alittle while ago. now i shall tell you about my week at my favorite brother's house.
monday- We went to the cottage after Jen made breakfast. Jen made me a four egg omlet and I only ate half. At the cottage, we set up the kiddy pool for the kids and then Jen, Andy and I went in the lake. I stayed where there wasn't any sea weed. For some reason, I have a problem with sea weed. After that we went to Jen's dad's house for dinner.
tuesday-Last night I slept in Alyssa's room since she slept over her grandpa's. i was so uncomfortable. her bed is so tiny. so then i woke up and had a cinnamon swirl bagel. then after while we went to the cottage and went out on the boat and jumped in the lake. then we lit some firecrackers and sparklers. earlier me and jen went to Wegman's and i got smiled at by 2 guys in 5 mins. i was like "yes i still got it"
wednesday- at breakfast, i listened to andy saying how people who talk in a baby voice are not "all there in the head". then jen gave me another pancake that i couldn't finish. later we went to custard and candy for icecream. jen and i went shopping earlier and met up with karen her sister. karen is going to bleach highlight our hair tomorrow. then jen bought me 5 pairs of thongs from victoria's secret lol. andy was really pissed off when we got back. oh i almost forgot i got hit on by jen's friend robb. he was so hott!!!!!
thursday-karen was supposed to highlight our hair but she never came over. alyssa was really starting to annoy me at this point. but there was only a few more days to go! i miss brian so much! jen and i went shopping again. we picked up clothes for the kids and then she bought me a pair of shorts and a skirt. then we watched chasing liberty.
friday-today was just a hang out day. i went to the store with andy. andy and jen's friends kelly and dan came over. i just went on the computer the whole time, waiting for brian to come on but i didn't know he went to football after work.
saturday-we went to six flags. i'm not really a ride person but i went on 3 rides. and i actually had fun! but after the rides i got sick, my stomach started to really hurt. mohsin won me three stuffed toys from playing games. he got me a flower, a pink teddy bear, and a weener dog but i gave that to shawn cuz he really liked it. then dad came up when we got home he spent the night and brought me home this morning.
and now i'm home and its so great!! except brian has a job now so we can't see each other that much. so that really sucks....but i should be happy for him right? and i am.
afewpicsCollapse )

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7.17.05 - 9.44am

i just wanted to say that i was leaving tonight. i'm going to my brother andy's for the week. he's got a bunch of stuff planned for us to do, and not for me to just take care of the kids. i guess he wants to go to six flags and all that stuff. today brian's coming over to hang out and meet the rest of my family. yesterday everyone kept asking about him. when i was outside my cousin terry from ohio came up to me saying so jenny i hear you have a boyfriend. then my cousin melissa who lives downstairs from me said to me so i hear your boyfriend is coming to the party tomorrow. i was just like uhh yea is that a problem she was like no ofcourse not, he's welcome. right now dad and andy are out working on the car so they can go pick brian up. so my packing is basically done. i'm just going to run through everything again and make sure i have what i need. well see you in a week!!!
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the whole family [
7.15.05 - 9.20pm

[ mood | drained ]

today everyone came down to visit. my family from ohio, andy and his wife jen and their kids came to visit for my grandmother's birthday. we are having a surprise party for her. i was so happy to see everyone. alyssa came to me right away as usual. she says i'm her best friend. alex was really shy but we were running around in the around i was chasing him and he pretty much started to like me. shawn is getting so big! he's 5 months now and he's so adorable. i was taking care of him like all day. but then he started screaming and i got so scared i thought i was going to cry. i mean i am like the best with kids and when i heard him cry i was just like i'm so horrible!!! so then we went in the pool it was fun. i held shawn and put him in the water. alyssa jumped off of the latter and she's only 4. she didn't even have her life jacket on! but she came right back up!!! i was so proud of her and shocked lol. me and jen had some nice talks. she had another sex talk with me. then my aunt agnes and uncle bill came outside awhile ago. i sat and talked with them. my uncle bill took off his glasses and was just like, "wow you've changed, you've grown so much!". this is the man that stopped my hick ups when i was 7. no one could stop them but him. then andy and his family were going back to the motel so i went to say good bye. i gave my uncle bill and aunt agnes and my grandma hugs goodnight. i never really did that before lol. so now i'm here waiting to hear from brian cuz i have news to tell him. i don't know if it should be good or bad. did i mention andy got a tattoo? he tattooed alyssa, alexander, and shawn's names on his arm. its pretty cool. well tata for now.

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and i will take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong [
7.12.05 - 8.30pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

today was a pretty good day. my dad's home on vacation this week. brian was supposed to come over today but his brother kevin did something to piss of their dad so brian couldn't come. but he said maybe he could get his dad in a good mood and he'll let us hang out tomorrow after brian gets out from football. so today after i got off the phone with brian i went outside to work on my tan then i went swimming. before dinner i went swimming again with my little cousin michelle. we had a race going from one end of the pool and back. i didn't get much darker today but i still have a tan. but all this fun just had me thinking of brian. i miss him so much. we haven't been together since thursday. friday my family from ohio and my brother andy, his wife, their kids, and his best friend mohsin who's like another brother to me are coming to visit. sunday is my grandma's 75th surprise birthday party. so they are coming down so the family can see the kids. then i'm trying to get brian to come over this weekend. sunday is also our 10 month anniversary and i figured everyone could meet him. i would really like that. andy is my best friend and my other half. he's like my twin. and i would really like it if he could meet brian. i wasn't worried about my parents meeting him when we started dating i was worried about andy. and since i know me and brian will get married i really want andy to like him. well buh bye for now.

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New. [
7.12.05 - 1.03pm

I just want to give you a world that is as beautiful as you.Collapse )
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:D [
7.9.05 - 7.10pm

[ mood | amused ]

About her and ICollapse )

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members [
7.9.05 - 12.54pm

To all members:
We need to get more people in this community. Don't you agree? I know things have been pretty crazy around here with me and I haven't been as active as we would like. But please promote this community around so we can get more people in here. If we had more people maybe we could do more things that other communities do like the games and stuff. Please help keep this community going and tell people about it.
Your Mod,
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regents [
6.22.05 - 7.12pm

[ mood | annoyed ]

things have been so hectic here with the regents exams. tomorrow is my last day. thank god! i have been so stressed out with all of these exams. tomorrow i just go in for math B and then i'm done. and i have the whole summer to be with brian. ok maybe not the whole summer. he has two weeks of football camp and then i guess my family is going camping sometime in the summer. but i still get to be with brian most of the time. i still have to get out shopping i have like no summer clothes... since i lost weight i had to throw alot of my clothes out because they were too big. but the summer is almost here for me! i am telling you after the regents tomorrow i'm gonna like scream at the top of my lungs in joy. so how's everything with you all? no one is updating! i hope its not cuz this community sucks lol. if you all just have alot going on lately just let me know so i know whats going on. but please update! love ya all xoxo Jenn

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